Virus Evolution & Natural Viral Engineering

In early 2020, the world was shut down by a virus. There are more conspiracies about that virus than there are about who shot JFK. But no matter where it came from, is it possible we need to include something no conspiracy theorist, traditional medical professional, or even the World Health Organization has genuinely considered?

According to our guest, what he’s about to reveal about viruses will undoubtedly blow your mind. Our guest is Perry Marshall. In 2019, he announced the world’s most significant science research challenge of the London Royal Society, the $10 million Evolution 2.0 prize. Perry Marshall also reinvented the Pareto Principle, and that reinvention was published in the Harvard Business Review. Most recently, he co-authored the first paper to explain how viruses evolve accurately, and that’s where we’re going today.

This scientific paper offers a new way of looking at things through “Cognition Based Evolution,” where the cells of our body work together smartly to keep us healthy. It’s a new field of virology called natural viral engineering.


Perry’s peer reviewed science paper “Cellular and Natural Viral Engineering in Cognition-
Based Evolution” with Bill Miller, Arthur Reber and Frantisek Baluska

A short blog post with a simple analogy explaining this new view of virus evolution.

Part 1: The Existential Crisis That Birthed Evolution 2.0

Having an Existential Crisis on a Bus in China

Natural Selection and Evolutionary Accidents

Billiard Balls, Falcons

The Hand at The End of Your Arm

Announcing: $10 Million Prize for The Origin of The Genetic Code

The New Field of Virology and Natural Viral Engineering

Virus evolution and adaptation

Natural Viral Engineering and its Implications.

Part 2: The Chicken or The Egg? Why

The Answer to The Chicken or Egg Question

Is a Virus Viruses and Patchwork DNA Sequences.

Viruses: The Open-Source Repository of Genetic Code

Lessons From Worms on Instant Evolution Cellular Development and Intelligence

The Intrinsic Intelligence Within Every Cell

Where The Miraculous, The Scientific, and Soulful Beautifully Unite

Dwarfism as an Example of The Perfectly Imperfect Adaptation: Tadpole Tails with Eyes

When The Human Body Mixes Up the DNA recipe

Why DNA in the Genome Is Far from The Full Story

Epigenetics Verses Genetics Regenerating Limbs and Organs

Why There’s No One Biological System That Masters Everything

Part 3: What if God is Dead?

The Phantom Effect of DNA on Reality

Expectation and The Wave Particle Dilemma

What Happens When You Pay Attention

Non-Accidental Cognitive Evolution

The Reductionistic Flaw

Is a Cancer Cell Conscious

Is Consciousness Cognitive of Its Own Consciousness

Embracing The Evolutionary Tension of My Being

The Schizophrenic Response to Oreos

Bible Stories and Intelligent Design

What if Nietzsche was Right

The Courage to Question Faith and Follow the Science

Why Isn’t Everything Cancer

Is God Evolving Love, Freedom, and God

Cellular and Sub-Cellular Choice


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