The Engineering of Consciousness with Michael Levin and Donald Hoffman

Two leading pioneers in the field of cognition discuss the sea change that is underway in consciousness and evolution:

Michael Levin is 10 years ahead of multiple fields in biology, producing extraordinary breakthroughs in limb regeneration, cancer, and bioengineering.

Donald Hoffman is a champion of a new model that says the cosmos is consciousness first and matter second, not the other way around. The intersection of their ideas promises a universe of new possibilities grounded in testable hypotheses and solid engineering.

Listen below:

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The Engineering of Consciousness with Michael Levin and Donald Hoffman

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3 Responses

  1. Paul Beauchemin says:

    Awesome discussion about evolutionary framework underpinning reality.
    If cells can change their “stories” based on new realities (as the Xenobots seem to do) then the possibility exists that consciousness can direct healing.
    There is also the real possibility that we are on the verge of directing evolution with the merging of AI and network effects to create a higher order species

  2. Michael Bellamy says:

    There are no evolutionary algorithms that demonstrate evolution. The only ones that attempt it in a serious way demonstrate that it does not work. So I challenge any of your speakers to name one that supposedly works.

    The biggest problem you have is the failure to define what you mean by consciousness. I can tell you what it is, consciousness = awareness and that is all. It involves sensory receptors to read data from its environment and it includes all life and your AI programmed vacuum cleaner. They all exhibit consciousness to some degree.

    What you are missing is the definition of mind of which consciousness is only one faculty. I can tell you what mind is also but let me see if you are interested.

  3. Actin cytoskeleton is the answer with monumental potential. Summarised in the cover story ‘Epigenetics Key to Love Life on p.20

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