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You can ask it questions like “How does DNA work?”

“How did the Evolution 2.0 project begin?”

“Explain evolution so 10 year old would understand”

“How do you win the $10 million prize?”

“What role does God play in science?”

“Where did life come from?”

“How do viruses evolve?”


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Detecting Cancer @ Stage Negative 1 TODAY

The Cancer Open Source Tissue Repository will spare patients from late-stage slash, poison and burn; it will save lives and prevent financial disaster. It will give deep new insights into the origins of cancer; and lead to treatments that find cancer before it finds us.

The Repository, founded by Dr. Azra Raza, solves FIVE problems at once:

  • Detects cancer at Stage Negative One for the people at highest risk – cancer patients in remission.
  • Gives doctors and patients the chance to pre-empt recurring cancer and treat it early – while it’s still manageable and inexpensive
  • Pinpoints the earliest origin of first cancer cells
  • Gives unprecedented data on early stage cancer (right now, 90% of cancer data is Stage 3 & 4) including anonymized patient history
  • Makes this data available FREE instead of being locked in institutional silos

A group of blue-chip hospitals including Columbia, Harvard and Johns Hopkins has agreed to take blood, saliva, stool, urine, fingernail and hair samples from cancer patients in remission, every time they come back for checkups.

This video by Perry Marshall explains the project, which has already begun at Columbia University in New York City:

The ReversingCancer newsletter describes the project in detail.

Click here to donate to this world-changing project.

The Reasonable Ineffectiveness of Mathematics in the Life Sciences

Well-known biologist and author Sy Garte, author of the new book “Science and Faith in Harmony” joins Perry. They explore the alignment between science and faith and probe purpose in biology. They discuss the challenges of applying mathematical concepts to biological systems, recognizing that EVERY rule in biology has an exception. The two discuss changing norms in academic discourse, the new journal Biocosmos and “The Unreasonable Ineffectiveness of Mathematics in the Life Sciences.”

Podcast Link:

Sy’s book:
Sy’s website:
Sy’s X feed:

Detecting Cancer at Stage Negative One – Perry Marshall at SBMT

Perry Marshall spoke at the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics 21st annual conference in Los Angeles, 16 March 2024. He describes how outdated textbook evolution is inhibiting research and keeping us stuck in the old, gene-centric paradigm, and how the Polyploid Giant Cancer Cell model, advocated at a recent conference at MD Anderson in Houston, is a far more elegant model for detecting and treating cancer at the very earliest stages.

Podcast link:

Sabine Hossenfelder Cuts a Vein, and Bleeds

One of the biggest things I admire about the scientists I hang with and talk about on this blog is: They managed to survive in THIS environment… and do great work… yet somehow did NOT allow the life and curiosity to get sucked out of their souls. Read more »

Virus Evolution & Natural Viral Engineering

In early 2020, the world was shut down by a virus. There are more conspiracies about that virus than there are about who shot JFK. But no matter where it came from, is it possible we need to include something no conspiracy theorist, traditional medical professional, or even the World Health Organization has genuinely considered? Read more »

What’s the matter with miracles in science?

I got this very popular question from Martin Rag:

I am 100% sure that most of the species were created “according to their kinds …” ( with a capability to adapt to a certain degree, if you will )

The main reason why I am so sure that species were created according to their kinds is this:

There are TOO MANY very unique species with TOO MANY very unique and sophisticated features to be some product of guided or unguided or whatever evolutionary process … (not to mention, that no biologist can explain the origin of most of these features … )

It is clear, that all these features were engineered from scratch ( to demonstrate engineering skills of our Creator )

Martin, Read more »

REVIEW: How Life Works by Philip Ball

Biology is an incredibly conservative profession. As the famous saying goes, “Science proceeds one funeral at a time.” The situation the author is dealing with is: the public has been fed a tragically over simplified version of science. Accurate information needs to replace long-standing misconceptions.

Philip Ball’s “How Life Works” sets a new standard for biology.

However, if you are too overt in stating this, the wrath of the old guard will be visited upon you. The emperor is wearing a thong… but please don’t embarrass him.

The bestselling book “Selfish Gene” convinced an entire generation that biology is really quite simple and evolution is simple. Everything is controlled by genes which are randomly mutated; it is really the genes which are selected, not organisms; so the purpose of every organism is to simply proliferate its own genes.

This is incredibly easy to explain and seemed like a revelation to a lot of people. But it was just brain candy. Read more »

How Life Works by Philip Ball: New Crack in the Berlin Wall

Philip Ball’s new book “How Life Works” is an outstanding introduction to the new biology that transcends the dead-on-arrival textbook version of evolution that has kept science stuck in the 1970s for so long.

Philip Ball’s “How Life Works” sets a new standard for biology.

Denis Noble wrote a beautiful review of Ball’s book in Nature Magazine, saying “It’s time to admit that genes are not the blueprint for life. The view of biology often presented to the public is oversimplified and out of date. Scientists must set the record straight.

Read more »

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