The Marketing Challenge of Evolution

The Denis Noble – Richard Dawkins debate is finally released. New Vanguard vs. Old Guard. It’s a marketing lesson par excellence.

Denis Noble in his debate with Richard Dawkins

The debate is online here:

Since I’m in the marketing profession I have a few comments about this. There is a marketing lesson that even a person who neither knows nor cares about the techie stuff can learn from (and non-techies can learn a great deal from this debate just by watching Denis Noble, observing how he handles himself).


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Denis Noble Debates Richard Dawkins (full video)

LIVE DEBATE Oxford professor Denis Noble locked horns with Richard Dawkins in June at the How the Light Gets In UK conference. Is The Selfish Gene holding back medicine and cancer cures? The world’s most incendiary evolutionary biologist asks if we need to rethink DNA.

The debate was both cordial and revealing. One thing that is quite clear from this debate is that Dawkins’ knowledge of biology and genetics lags 20-30 years behind current research.

The best part of this debate was how civil it was. In a world of hyper-polarization – and evolutionary biology historically being one of the worst fields in this regard – the friendly dialogue between the two was refreshing. Dawkins demonstrates great respect for Denis Noble. Appropriately so, since Noble was on Dawkins’ PhD thesis review committee and the two have been friends and colleagues for 50 years.

The Two Narratives


Darwin’s theory of Evolution by Natural Selection vanquished childish notions of a creator.

Life is ruthless competition of survival and reproduction. Nature is red in tooth and claw.

Purpose in nature has been eradicated. Free will is an illusion.

Science and religion are at war. There are no miracles. Skepticism is a virtue. Life is random.

We are lumbering robots, vehicles for our selfish genes.



The cosmos is divinely ordered and we are privileged to discover it.

The signature genius of evolution is higher levels of cooperation. Life is a gift. It is purposeful at every level. 

Science explores a world that is orderly, mathematical, elegant and beautiful.

Science is an act of worship, a window into the mind of a master architect. 

We are part of the ecosystem and have a responsibility to care for it. 


Patent Attorney Reviews Evolution 2.0



Martin Schweiger is a patent attorney in Singapore who has facilitated thousands of patent cases.  Martin sees more innovations and inventions in a week than most people see in a year. In this article he reviews my book Evolution 2.0 from the perspective of an engineer who asks questions about biology.

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Rocking the Foundations of Evolution

Karen Wong has a longtime interest in origins and evolution and we discuss what happens when you shift the definition of evolution. Old definition: Changes in gene frequencies acted upon by natural selection. New definition: Self-awareness at fractal levels of scale.

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