From Rebellious Teenager to Young Adult: Intelligent Design Grows Up

Paul Nelson of the Discovery Institute blogged about my interview with Joana Xavier lamenting that we did not fully endorse intelligent design. This created a perfect opportunity for us to sit down and talk with Paul in person and discuss our agreements and differences.
Here we explore the gray zone between “life is a miracle” and “no miracles allowed” and we ask the question: How can a design paradigm enhance medicine and science research? Joana Xavier is a researcher at University College London and is a staff member with Evolution 2.0.
Paul’s blog post on Evolution News & Science Today.
Perry’s Evolution 2.0 interview with Joana.
Joana’s website.

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6 Responses

  1. martin rag says:


    I have commented on another article few weeks ago, where I pointed out, that all these OoL-researchers use gold-alchemy methods to re-create the most advanced technology on this planet.

    Last time you suggested to look at Xavier research.

    Yesterday I watched your interview with Nelson and Xavier.

    I have to say, I am very disappointed.

    This is all what she has to offer in regards to OoL-research ?

    Autocatalytic reactions ? This is nothing new …

    Perry, how can you still buy this stuff ? It is a gold alchemy. Literally.
    These ideas makes no sense whatsoever.

    I was also very disappointed of Paul Nelson. How servile he was. How can you buy this nonsensical stuff and almost worship people like Xavier.

    Xavier is just another OoL-researcher who is wasting other people’s money on a nonsensical project.

    I always thought, that your OoL-prize was a kind of joke, to embarrass all these people, that you always knew that this technology can’t be replicated using these primitive gold-alchemy methods.

    Now I start to think, that you, an engineer, seriously believes that people like Xavier can create life in lab …

    By the way, I never hear you to speak about James Tour. You have interviewed lots of persons, but never James Tour. Do you have any problem with this guy ? I doubt there is a more competent person on this planet to talk about the OoL. Not only because he is a chemist, he is a nanotechnologist as well. His team developed a nano-technology that can drill holes through bacteria membrane in order to kill it. No antibiotics, no more antibiotic resistance, you drill a hole in order to kill bacteria, and from what I could understand, this technology is applicable to kill cancer cells as well. (If I am not mistaken, you were into cancer research)

    • Martin,

      Did you read Joana’s papers with patience and care, or did you only skim?

      I suggest you read the 2014 paper Paul Nelson referred to in the interview.

      I do know James Tour. In my Unbelievable? conversation with chemist Lee Cronin and Denis Noble, his name came up

      and that led to Lee and James Tour doing an episode a short time later:

      People who want the EV2 prize to “flip origin of life researchers the bird” will be disappointed. I am here to build bridges. There’s been too many people burning them for too long.

  2. martin rag says:


    I won’t comment on Xavier papers, this girl is as naive as it gets. Moreover, she is completely catechized by her boss Nick Lane. She believes that life emerged at hot vents, that speaks for itself.

    You have also mentioned Lee Cronin, you mean this Lee Cronin ?

    Perry, these OoL-researchers don’t need your $10 millions, because the OoL-research is a goldmine. For example, Steve Benner, another famous OoL-researcher. He received a $5,000,000 grant. These people receive millions of dollars and don’t have to deliver a thing. Easy money. OoL-research is a goldmine. So they can only laugh in your face.

    Notice, that the OoL-research is never awarded. And it doesn’t have to be a Nobel. There are other 40+ biology awards and 40+ biology awards. But this research is never awarded. Never. Because it is a gold alchemy.

    PS: Building bridges … It is a very noble mission and I wish you good luck especially with these very arrogant people. By the way, I purchased your EVO2 book few years ago, to support you, there are very few engineers I know of who comment on these things. It is a paradox, because engineers are the only qualified persons to comment on biology. Because biology is all about engineering.

    • Martin,

      I agree with you that OOL researchers can get much easier money than mine.

      You have completely misjudged Joana. I know her boss Nick Lane, and she’s no groupie. I certainly don’t get the impression that you’ve read her work carefully.

  3. martin rag says:

    There are other 40+ chemistry awards and 40+ biology awards.

  4. martin rag says:

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