God and the Number 7

Is God merely a figment of our imagination?

Let’s ask an easier question. What about the number 7?

Is “7” a figment of our imagination? Does it merely exist in our heads? Or is it real?

In what sense is it real?

Is a real 7 more useful, more powerful, than a mythological 7?

What if we treat 7 as though we invented it?


What if we treat it as a truth we discovered… a transcendent reality?

The Ontological Argument (Anselm, 1077AD) asserts: “A 7 that exists is greater than a 7 that does not.”

What if instead of treating 7 like it’s real, we say:

“7 is not true, we just made it up. So while it may be useful, we’re skeptical. 7 is just an artificial construct. I don’t dispute that some people benefit from believing in 7, but you can’t touch 7 and you can’t weigh 7 and there’s no scientific evidence for 7 so ultimately people who believe in 7 are like people who believe in unicorns.”





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2 Responses

  1. Hunter Glaspell says:

    So is this a way of you saying God isn’t actually real, but real in the way 7 is as a construct? To say a conceptual God is real, but a literal God isn’t?

    • Not at all.

      I’m re-stating the Ontological argument in an unconventional way.

      I’m saying if a 7 that we take seriously is vastly more useful than a 7 that is “only a figment of our imagination,” then the same is only more true of the Infinite Source of all Reality.

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