Sabine Hossenfelder Cuts a Vein, and Bleeds

One of the biggest things I admire about the scientists I hang with and talk about on this blog is: They managed to survive in THIS environment… and do great work… yet somehow did NOT allow the life and curiosity to get sucked out of their souls.

YES – this is how academia really works:

This is a MUST-watch video, by one of the most popular physicists on YouTube.

The more time I spend in science, the more thankful I am that I make my living in the entrepreneurial community and not in science institutions. It’s an incredible privilege to do cutting edge scientific work… yet not be beholden to the gold stars and merit badges so many toil for.

And yes, I can confirm as an insider that the BS-factory really does work this way.

There is a TREMENDOUS amount of extremely mediocre and outright bad research that pours out of universities, government grants, and peer reviewed journals.

20 years ago when I came to realize the intolerable amount of intellectual slop in evolutionary biology, I didn’t realize how widespread it was.

It’s not just evolutionary biology. It’s everywhere, as Sabine so eloquently states.

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