Natural Viral Engineering: New Paradigm

Imagine you’re building a LEGO city with your friends. In the traditional understanding of evolution (called Neo-Darwinism, aka Evolution 1.0), you and your friends are constantly making random changes to your LEGO city. The best changes (the ones that help your city survive and thrive) stick around.

In this case, if viruses were part of the game, they’d be like bullies trying to knock your LEGO buildings over. You and your friends would have to work out ways to protect your city from these bullies.

However, a new paper by Bill Miller, Arthur Reber, Perry Marshall and Frantisek Baluska offers a new way of looking at things, called Cognition-Based Evolution.

Here, you and your friends are not just randomly building. Instead, you’re thoughtfully discussing and deciding what’s best for your city. You are actively using your tools and resources to keep the city safe and help it grow.

This is based on Natural Cellular Engineering, where cells in our body work together in a smart way to keep us healthy.

In this new perspective, viruses are not just bullies. Instead, they are like messengers or traders who go between different cities (or cell groups in our body), carrying information and resources. This new field of virology is called Natural Viral Engineering. These messengers can sometimes cause trouble (which is when we get sick), but they can also help in making our cities more resilient and innovative.

Read Cellular and Natural Viral Engineering in Cognition-Based Evolution” in Communicative and Integrative Biology.



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2 Responses

  1. martin rag says:

    Hey Perry,

    it is me again. I am glad you have mentioned viruses. The most absurd fact about the Darwinian theory of evolution is, that this theory can’t explain the origin of the most abundant biological entity on this planet — viruses. As you may know, the concept of universal common descent doesn’t work with viruses, because viruses are a completely different system. Not made of cells. But it gets worse. Darwinists claim, that viruses are polyphyletic, that means, that each or most virus species are unique, have many evolutionary origins. Darwinists can’t explain the origin of one virus species, and now they have to explain the origin of hundred-thousands of virus species. So basically, to explain the origin of all the unique viruses is way way harder problem than to answer the origin-of-(cellular)-life question. It seems you should announce another technology awards 🙂

    What is the origin of viruses ?

    And this time you can make it $100 millions. You are safe, nobody will ever solve this problem, because it is more than clear, that viruses were created as well.

    PS: again, how absurd is it? These people, Darwinists developed a theory about the origin of species, but they can’t explain the origin/existence of the most abundant biological entity on this planet ? I am surprised that nobody talks about it … especially in COVID era …

    • I have found that, rather than bashing the Darwinists (which is futile, they will believe whatever they choose to believe) that doing science like that in this paper is much more productive.

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