Viral Tropism: How Viruses Choose Their Perfect Hosts

In the world of virology, the concept of viral tropism reigns supreme. At its core, viral tropism is all about the keys to unlock the secret of certain viral infections.

Some viruses have the uncanny ability to hone in on specific types of cells, using molecules on the surface of those cells as an entryway into the host. It’s a bit like a thief with a lock pick, able to crack the code to gain access.

The implications of this are vast. If we can understand how viruses find their way into specific cells, we can develop smarter treatments that foil their attempts. By targeting those cells with precision, we can stop the virus from gaining a foothold and wreaking havoc.

But viral tropism isn’t only about finding a cure. It’s also about unlocking the mysteries of how viruses evolve and adapt to new environments. By studying the ways in which viruses interact with different cells, we can gain insight into how they change over time and what may be coming down the pipeline.

Viral tropism is a key to unlocking the doors of a mysterious world that both intrigues and terrifies us. With each new discovery, we come one step closer to understanding the intricacies of these tiny but formidable foes.


Our new paper in Communicative and Integrative Biology describes Natural Viral Engineering, a new paradigm in which viruses and hosts co-engineer outcomes together. In this view, viruses are the open source repository for evolution across planet earth.


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