Nancy’s Cancer: We spent $2M and tried EVERYTHING

Joe Riggio’s wife, Nancy, was given a maximum of 10 years to live in her cancer diagnosis. She lived for 17 years, most of them in a very active adventurous lifestyle. They spent $2M and pursued every alternative treatment imaginable. Here Dr. Joseph Riggio accounts in detail the journey with fascinating glimpses of many treatments that did prove effective. Our conversation closes with concluding thoughts about patient responsibility and the business of cancer.

Listen here or check out the conversation on YouTube.

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  1. akambaraswaran m says:

    Dear Mr.Perry,i would like to suggest the cancer how creates, what we takes foods and survival life activities is the basic reasons.if accumulate in our body that creates cancer we should concentrate our foods and clean our blood then we cannot affect such of there is no sudden chemical medicine in this regard.try to get natural food and herbals can extend our life.thanks

  2. If we have cancer and we stop feeding, the bugs eat each other and die.
    Other way live laboratorios AND people who get cáncer die

  3. I have to admit I usually scoff when people say “they’ve tried everything”. More often then not that means they’ve seen a few doctors and followed their recommendations. Yet, this has to be one of the best examples of actually trying so much of what is out there!

    There’s great lessons in here. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I don’t understand why scholars and doctors are not able to understand the simple cause of cancer. If people don’t want to face cancer in life then they have to say goodbye to extramarital sex immediately. Extramarital sexuality (illicit relations, masturbation etc.) is the sole cause of all the diseases. I am giving a brief explanation here. You can watch my full video to understand in detail in which importance of human seeds are explained with the help of Origin of Universe, Origin of Atom (matter) and Origin of Adam (life).

    As we use vehicles, appliances, gadgets etc. they tend to wear out over time. To keep them working properly, we have to maintain them regularly. During routine maintenance, old parts are removed and new parts are installed. In this way, the life of the equipments is increased by installing new parts.

    Nature also does the same process for the maintenance of the body. The normal lifespan of cells in the body of any living being ranges from a few hours to a maximum of seven years. As cells die after completing their lifespan, our body replaces them with new cells. Our body consumes bone marrow to make new cells in the body. In addition to this, the gray matter (CSF) of the brain and the seeds in the testicles for reproduction are also made from the bone marrow. Due to lack of proper knowledge of the functioning of the brain, man has considered his seeds as an object of momentary pleasure, while the reality is that the DNA of the seeds is wirelessly processed in our brain. Because of this ignorance, the seeds are often destroyed in sexuality, so our body keeps on making new seeds from the bone marrow. Thus the consumption of bone marrow in the body increases due to unwanted sexual activities. Due to this, there is a lack of bone marrow to make new cells, as a result of which diseases increase in the body due to non-renewal of old cells.

    Relationship with a spouse is a natural process, so there is no lack of bone marrow in the relationship with the spouse. There is a scientific reason behind this natural process, which is explained in detail in my video.

    • “Extramarital sexuality (illicit relations, masturbation etc.) is the sole cause of all the diseases.”

      Do you have scientific studies to back this up?

      I do not find your contribution to this discussion to be factually defensible or constructive to good conversation about the topics at hand.

      Furthermore you post a lot of links to your website and vidoes. I consider that spam.

      From now on I expect your comments to be on topic and factual. Otherwise I will just delete everything you post.

      • Hello Perry,
        Thanks for expressing your views. I know you disagree with my never heard before claims. I have all the study and research to back my claim. I will be in Chicago in the last week of June 2023 for my personal engagements. It would be great if you spare a day with me during that time to know everything about the Origin of the Universe (black holes), Origin of Atoms (matter) and Origin of Adam (life). Our discussion will put an end to your quest of Evolution 2.0. I assure you our meeting will be a great milestone for the betterment of humanity in the present scenario of the world.

        Here is a brief explanation of my claim. Cancer is also a disease, therefore talking about the disease should be the main objective of the discussion here. Actually my comment was half true. Please reread it as “Extramarital sexuality is the sole cause of all the diseases and poverty in the world.” The essence of the statements made in Romans 8:1-9 also indicate something similar.

        When we talk about life, we cannot ignore the seeds, because seed only makes the fruit. DNA of seed is the sole singularity which is responsible for the origin of life and bringing all the health and wealth in life. Most scholars have been stating that nobody knows how this universe emerged from nothing. At least I know.

        As scientific discoveries about the atoms are coming to the fore, the mystery of the atom is getting deepened. Particle Physicists discovered that there is nothing like matter inside the atom, but there are only countless particles of pure energy which vibrate and revolve in different ways. Have to ever think how these particles are moving? Secret of singularity or God lies in the answer to this question which we can discover within ourselves. Our body is made of countless atoms i.e. pure energy. We control this pure energy (equivalent to Internet Network of a computer) with our Bliss-Soul-Mind (equivalent to Purpose, Operating System and RAM of a computer respectively). Non-matter entities Bliss-Soul-Mind-Energy (pure) pervade throughout the universe as consciousness which acts as a singularity or God.

        When this singularity gives rise to inanimate atoms, its Bliss or purpose remains zero in the form of the God particle Boson which keeps Neutron-Proton-Lepton in a balanced condition. When Boson gets activated, the origin of life takes place. In this procedure Atom (matter) transforms into Adam/Cell/Seed (life). An impotent cell is formed when Bliss of Adam focuses on Boson itself (zero charge). An Asexual/ Bisexual cell is formed when Bliss of Adam focuses on Neutron (zero charge). A male cell is formed when Bliss of Adam focuses on Proton (positive charge). A female cell is formed when Bliss of Adam focuses on Lepton (negative charge). Thus opposite charged male and female cells get attracted and a natural balance is formed. Decay tendency in subatomic particles makes the atom imbalanced which eventually vanishes the atom itself. The decay tendency of Atoms (matter) is transformed into sexuality in Adams (life). Thus extramarital sexuality creates an imbalance that eventually destroys Adam like an atom.

        I have been working on cosmology and the origin of life for many years and now I have enough scientific and spiritual evidence to back all these never heard claims, which I want to show you. Take a wise decision to meet me in your office in June 2023. It’ll be a win-win deal for both of us to make the world a better place. Be assured I don’t want anything in return, I just want to make the world a heaven.

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