Virus Evolution (and your new career in Muncie Indiana)

Your boss summons you to his office. You sense something is ‘up.’ He drops the bombshell: “You are being relocated to Muncie, Indiana.”

Your heart pounds in your chest. “No way,” you retort. “We just poured our hearts into our new home. The garden blooms with vibrant colors and my wife cherishes her Yoga class.”

“Well, if you wanna keep your job… you’re moving to Muncie,” he asserts.

There is nothing appealing about Muncie (or Applebees… or the Tractor Supply store… or miles of cornfields)… except the steady paycheck. 

However, due to your unfortunate addiction to financial stability and the high sunk cost of your career, you accept the change. Muncie, thrust upon you, becomes your new reality. But you’re not passive about it.

Your wife, determined to find solace, starts a new Yoga class. Within six months, she attracts a devout following of 25 every week.

And… Muncie never knew the thrill of pickleball until you arrived. Now your new pickleball team is hosting state-wide tournaments. 

Though Muncie forced itself upon you, you refused to take it lying down. You molded and shaped the town to reflect your desires. Five years later… you actually kinda like the place.

Perfect analogy to a human body attacked by a virus. The virus boldly intrudes, uninvited.

Your body retaliates, exclaiming, “I never welcomed you! Leave at once!”

“Tough luck, pal,” it sneers. “I’m playing for keeps.”

Undeterred, your body rises to the challenge. “If I can’t eradicate you, then I shall modify you.”  

Every cell in your body possesses the tools to slice, splice, edit, and rearrange DNA. These tools become instruments of change, employed to reshape the virus.

The virus, once an enemy, becomes an unwitting recipient of your body’s transformative prowess. Billions of individuals intertwine with quadrillions of viruses, resulting in new viral variants.

Do you recall during the height of the pandemic when we would exclaim, “Hand sanitizer and sunlight kill COVID”? Well, viruses themselves are not technically “alive.” Yet intact viruses, even in their non-living state, wreak havoc within our bodies.

But here’s the captivating twist: our bodies have adapted to COVID-19, not just as individuals but as a collective. Across the globe, billions of people have participated in reshaping the virus. 

Over the past three years, a network of COVID-19 variants has unfolded — Delta, Omicron, and countless others. They have grown more contagious, easily spreading from person to person. Simultaneously, their potency has diminished.

For most, though not all, individuals, COVID-19 has transformed into a mere shadow of its former self. What’s more, it’s not solely our immune systems that have learned to combat the virus. We, as human beings, have played an active role in altering the virus itself.

It’s like we are playing a game of tag, and we are both getting better at it.


A new paper “Cellular and Natural Viral Engineering in Cognition-Based Evolution” I co-authored with Bill Miller, Arthur Reber and Frantisek Baluska, describes how viruses, rather than being evil, “black-and-white enemies” are actually symbiotic partners in evolutionary progress. Just as employees forced to relocate to Muncie choose to make it a better place to live, hosts edit and engineer viruses to suit their own purposes.


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