Siri is not going to wake up any time soon

John Sonmez of Bulldog Mindset Talks with Perry Marshall about…Biology.

John Sonmez interviews Perry Marshall and they discuss why it’s impossible for computers in their current form to become conscious; how modern mathematics speaks in a new way to age-old questions about free will; the nature of consciousness; the origin of life and the very nature of reality itself. All this is based on Perry’s paper “Biology transcends the limits of computation.

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3 Responses

  1. Subhendu Das says:

    Dear Perry Marshal,
    In your recent email, dated 30Sep2022, on – Will Siri ever “wake up”? – You pointed to one of your articles which says – “Information theory was established in 1948 by Claude Shannon’s landmark paper “A Mathematical Theory of Communication” (Shannon, 1948), which has been termed “The Magna Carta of the information age” (Verdú, 1998). Shannon’s seminal work laid the foundations for the modern era of digital communication and bioinformatics”
    In the attached article I have shown that Shannon’s theory assumes infinity, which is nonexistent in nature and engineering. Therefore that theory cannot be correct. If you change the infinity to any finite number, our engineering will become very reliable and safe. Capacity will then depend on the technology only in every channel. Thus there will be no more capacity limits. Take a look at the article
    Regards, Subhendu Das

    PS: It will be nice if you post a direct link where you want the response, if any, to your emails be posted.

    • I don’t recall any practical engineering situation in which one had to assume infinity in order to make a communication system work.

      How does this relate to the question of whether Siri is going to wake up?

      • Subhendu Das says:

        Most of the engineering uses mathematics. All mathematical theories use (1) Real numbers and (2) Straight lines. Both of these things are based on infinity. Laplace Transform and Fourier Transforms, for examples, explicitly use infinity. Such theories are widely used in most digital communication and control system engineering. Open any undergraduate engineering textbook and you will find chapters on those two subjects. Thus unknowingly all scientists and engineers use infinity in their applications. Their results are therefore all wrong, and have lot of patches and kludges to make them work. Such engineering is unreliable, unsafe, and pollutes environment. For more details, examples, and proofs, take a look at any one of the following reference by this author.

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