Viruses, and What Rich Jacobs Discovered From Interviewing 3,000 Experts

Rich Jacobs indulged his fascination with technology by starting a podcast called Finding Genius. He didn’t know that it would end up taking him into hundreds of specialties in science, technology, and medicine.

His book titled Finding Genius: Understanding Viruses: 30 Questions, 25 Geniuses, 100 Amazing Insights is a beautifully edited compilation of Q&A from some of the best virus people in the world. Here we explore what Rich discovered about viruses and their experts.

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  1. Loris ZAMAI says:

    Please give a look to my paper on this topics that try two explain how viruses are double-edge sword.
    Title: Unveiling Human Non-Random Genome Editing Mechanisms Activated in Response to Chronic Environmental Changes: I. Where Might These Mechanisms Come from and What Might They Have Led To?

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