The Iron Curtain of Biology, Junk DNA, and the Protestant Reformation

In 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door in Wittenberg, Germany and started a revolution.

Seven years ago I wrote a piece called “The Iron Curtain of 2010”. There, I predicted that Darwinism would crack in ~2013. That there would be some Berlin Wall tipping-point event.

Well, I was a little early….but definitely in the ballpark.

In 2012, The ENCODE project reported that at least 80% of our DNA has at least some discernible function, in contrast to those before who insisted that 97% is junk.

ENCODE pounded a good solid nail into the Neo-Darwinian coffin. In 2017, rare is the scientist who still attempts to defend the Junk DNA hypothesis.

In 2016, The Royal Society of London pounded more nails into the coffin with their “New Trends in Evolution” Conference. There was not even a breath of denying that the theory needs a major overhaul and many felt it needs to be scrapped entirely.

It was amusing (and a little sad, frankly) to watch the Old School Darwinists back-pedaling and doing damage control. It’s also disturbing how much the Neo-Darwinians had come to resemble dogmatic clerics of the religious establishment of 500 years ago.

The Royal Society event was the tipping point I was anticipating when I wrote my Iron Curtain article.

The Protestant Reformation of religion was exactly 500 years ago, and here we are with another reformation in our midst.

The cat is out of the bag now…and the toothpaste is not going back in the tube. I predict in 5 years the Old School guys aren’t even going to get grant money. By then, all cutting edge research will be Post Darwinian.

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