The Protestant Reformation of Evolutionary Biology?

Was the Royal Society meeting a paradigm shift for evolution?

Consider the story behind the book Evolution 2.0.

When Evolution 2.0 was about to go to press, I had to hunt down some endorsements.

You know, the blurbs you put on book jackets to tell everyone how righteous and awesome your new book is.

It turned out a LOT

harder than I thought it would be.

The existing authors, the existing speaking circuit, the Powers That Be, the Club of Rome, did NOT want any ‘new theory of evolution.’ No sirree Bob.

I secured introductions to powerful people. Sent letters, emails and packages to influential figures, including celebs and Nobel Prize winners.

But nobody in the “good ol’ boys club” wanted to play ball.

They seemed to prefer the status quo.

Who DID endorse it?

Scientists who had been frustrated, sidelined, ignored. For example Dr. Kwong Jeon who did actual symbiogenesis experiments. He got cells to do merger-acquisions in real time. This was Nobel Prize level stuff. Yet most people know NOTHING about it.

By the way he’s editor of International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology. He’s no lightweight; he just has received far less attention than he deserves. He gave the book high praise.

I got endorsements from folks like the notable Stuart Pivar, whose model for the formation of embryos and body plans is absolutely beautiful and elegant.

True fans of Evolution 2.0 are people who have never been quite happy with any of the existing camps. People who always felt there was something missing. People who thought, “Some part of the story has surely been left out!”

People who said, “Surely there’s some way to bring these two views together. I can’t imagine that one of these two sides is entirely right or wrong.”

Today the Evolution 2.0 camp is growing fast.

Those scientists hail from the same tribe that organized the Royal Society Evolution meeting in November 2016. It was a paradigm shifting meeting. Absolutely historic.

I was there. And Stephen Meyer of the Discovery Institute (the headquarters of Intelligent Design) was also there.

Stephen Meyer thinks this meeting signaled the death of evolution.

I say it’s rebirth and resurrection.

It was the Protestant Reformation of evolutionary biology – with Denis Noble of Oxford playing the part of Martin Luther. He nailed his 95 theses to the wall at 6 Carlton House Terrace in London. Evolution will never be the same.

Who is right? Me or Steve?

Listen and decide for yourself: (MP3 and Transcript)

Perry Marshall

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