DNA, Fitness, Evolution: Perry Marshall flexes mental muscles on muscle head podcast

Why the heck would a bunch of muscle heads want to talk evolution? Simple: because it’s incredibly relevant to every area of our lives, including fitness.

I was just featured on the MindPump podcast, to talk about my work on Evolution 2.0, and the Evolution 2.0 Prize. If you’re not into fitness, you may never find this podcast (or my interview) on your own. So I wanted to make sure you saw it. Because even if you haven’t stepped a foot in a gym in the last decade, you’re still going to love this interview.

We covered a TON in the 1-hour discussion…

  • The massive change happening RIGHT NOW in medicine, genetics, evolutionary biology, and technology… What most people have been told about evolution is about 2/3 wrong!
  • Scary breakthroughs in genetics research, from one of the leaders of the Human Genome Project — is Frankenstein being made in a lab right now?
  • The myth of “Junk DNA” — this is Exhibit A of what’s wrong with modern evolutionary biology.
  • Was your entire life story written when sperm met egg and your genetic code was created? This old assumption has been thrown out the window — what that means for your fitness, health, and more is exciting!
  • Smoking and health: out of 300 effects of smoking on children, you’ll never guess what the #1 most powerful risk factor is — from a National Institute of Health researcher at UCLA.
  • The secret to genetic expression (and health) hidden in a guitar player’s calluses.
  • The dumb decision the Evolutionist crowd made in the 1930s — now proven completely wrong — that stops today’s scientists from really understanding evolution.
  • The Selfish Gene Theory is as wrong as saying, “The Sun revolves around the Earth” — here’s why…
  • How to beat genetics and the “it runs in my family” myth for better health and fitness.
  • Dawkins’s mistake creates cultural shockwaves: Are today’s victimization culture and rise of narcissism a direct result of Evolutionist dogma? (Also: How this could be ruining your health.)
  • The odds of random — your existence is impossible. Here’s the mind-boggling math…
  • The DNA Code: Every other code that we have ever known to exist has a creator, what about DNA? Plus, how to win the Evolution 2.0 Prize and become a millionaire.
  • What Christopher Columbus and the “flat earth” story has to do with the modern chasm between science and religion — and what educated humans really thought in 1492. Plus: The stupid reason the fistfight between science and religion isn’t stopping.
  • A (not so) new view on God, that does not conflict with any field of science, and actually makes it more interesting. (Here’s a shocker: Most great scientists in history were actually deeply religious!)
  • The exquisite precision of the universe — what does this tell us about the nature of existence?
  • Is the food you’re eating really healthy? Once you understand iatrogenesis, you’ll think twice about following the latest health food craze.
  • Why marketers are better at recognizing their own self-deceptions than scientists — controversial-but-true!
  • A book written by a scientist and complete stranger that came to nearly all the same conclusions on evolution and the origin of life as Evolution 2.0 — plus, breaks down science, field-by-field, and reveals the shaky foundations of nearly all modern scientific “truth.”
  • “By the year 2100, 60% to 80% of what we think we’re absolutely sure that we know in science will have proven to be wrong.” Here’s why…
  • The major breakthrough in evolutionary theory that was rejected by 15 science journals.
  • Gut bacteria epiphany, and the bigger truth about cooperation versus competition in evolutionary theory — this throws so much pseudo-scientific garbage out the window.
  • The fundamental principles of evolution: This applies in biology, technology, society, business, and more…
  • The biggest dangers in modern science — and who to turn to for better thinking than scientists about today’s and tomorrow’s tech…
  • Social media woes, and how to live a good life when surrounded with gadgets and other incredible tech innovations…
  • Perry’s takeaway thought: the one principle behind true science, responsible religion, and leading a life of incredible discovery, progress, and fulfillment.

MindPump has been described as Howard Stern meets fitness. But if you’re turned off or somehow think there will be less intellectual stimulation because it’s a group of fitness enthusiasts who’ve been compared to Stern — think again! The conversation gets deep fast, and flexes your mental muscles all the way through.

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Download The First 3 Chapters of Evolution 2.0 For Free, Here – https://evo2.org/evolution/

Where Did Life And The Genetic Code Come From? Can The Answer Build Superior AI? The #1 Mystery In Science Now Has A $10 Million Prize. Learn More About It, Here – https://www.herox.com/evolution2.0

3 Responses

  1. John Sears says:

    Thank God, literally, that someone is saying these things. I feel like a voice in the wilderness since following Christ a few years ago after intensive investigation.

  2. WASEEM AHMAD says:

    Your efforts are remarkable. I am a Muslim and we have strong belief that this universe and everything in this universe is intelligently created by Allah (God). In Quran Allah repeatedly says, why don’t you think in the creation of this universe and creation of your own body. He invites human beings to use their intellect in the study of all these phenomena, which we study in science, and they will guide to the creator. One of the biggest attributes Allah mentions for himself is “Creator” and He calls Himself as the best creator. He even gives the example of the wing of the fly ” those whom you call beside Allah cannot create the wing of the fly”. So this is remarkable that study of science is providing undeniable proves that this universe and life have not emerged accidentally, rather they are designed intelligently by our creator.

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