Why Evolution is NOT Blind, Purposeless, and Depressing

The Atheist agenda is destroying our understanding of evolution.

The truth is far more exciting.

Modern Atheism (with a capital “A”) wants you to believe evolution is random, chaotic, accidental.

According to Atheists, we’re all

mutant mistakes of DNA copying errors. And in the statistically-impossible chance that our particular mutations lead to us making more babies or living longer, our genes will live on while others’ die.

The reality is far more complex, mysterious, and exciting than we can comprehend.

In the last 100 years (well after Darwin’s Bible of evolution, Origin of Species), our understanding of genetics and evolution has leapfrogged this simplistic model.

Even while the preachers of Atheism like Dawkins and others parrot the random mutation, natural selection scripture, we’ve already discovered life doesn’t work that way.

Life is vibrant and dynamic. It adapts in the moment. It is goal-seeking. It is, dare I say, intelligent.

And the last 100 years of discovery just might point to a deeper truth…

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23 Responses

  1. Alex Makarski says:

    I find it interesting how the same people can look at the same thing like, say, a human arm and one person would be inspired by this example of engineering cleverness while the other would see it as a bunch of hacked-together beta-versions-gone-wrong sub-optimal design. And both would make a seemingly solid argument. However, the latter is usually someone who has never had to “design” anything in their life other than maybe a PowerPoint presentation.

  2. Robert Papy says:

    This is cogent and broad in scope and coverage. Believing (and it is a belief ) in Darwinian evolution makes winning the lottery a statistical piece of cake.

  3. Don Means says:

    I am an atheist in that I do not believe in an all powerful God. That said, I also question evolution. I think it is likely that we were designed by highly advanced aliens. These aliens could have seeded our world with life and this planet could be one of many alien-type farms.

    • This is a not-often stated but surprisingly pervasive view.

    • Greg Schwartz says:

      Don, I find it interesting that atheists are so willing to believe in a supernatural intelligence, that created life on Earth, as long as it isn’t called God! Is that because you don’t feel like you have to be accountable to aliens? Btw, where did the aliens come from?

      • Don Means says:

        I have no way of possibly knowing where the aliens came from. Perhaps they evolved over billions of years starting when the known universe was young. I don’t know. It just seems more likely to me. It also seems very unlikely that if a single entity is capable of creating all we know exists, and more, would care about us as a species; let alone as individuals. I suspect our world is just one of perhaps millions of planets harboring some form of life. Humans are not special in my opinion and certainly not to a God-like being.

    • Anthony says:

      Many people believe this and a large % they did it by introducing Viruses.

    • Alex Makarski says:

      If our God is an alien (maybe with a small ‘g’ in this case) then where did the aliens come from? Was it a “happy chemical accident” that created them? By introducing the alien scenario, you don’t answer the core question of origin, you just transfer it to different location in the Universe.

      • Don Means says:

        I completely understand your point. I don’t think this planet has been around long enough for life to have evolved here. However, over billions of years it could have evolved elsewhere. It’s too bad it seems impossible to know for sure.

        I am 99.999999% certain that when we die that is our end – period. There is no heaven or hell. Those are just from ancient mans imagination in my opinion.

        • Robert says:

          ”99.999999% certain that when we die, that is our end – period.” And this all that is needed to have an experience of God. What we have here is a 000001% amount of openness to the possibility of God and in my experience, this is enough openness to having such an experience.

          Based on today’s evidence IE: 1 April 2016 and no this is not an April fools joke, there is no indication of Aliens. Astronomers, cosmologists, physicists, have openly stated that they have been able to look back light years in time almost to the start of the universe and have seen and found nothing. On today’s evidence, there is nothing; we are it in the entire universe. Do all the research you like so long as it is sound solid research, no proof of life as of today exists anywhere elsewhere except on this earth. Also on reading Perry’s book, I have discovered there is nothing random in the universe. The old formula of ”Random Mutation + Natural Selection + time, equals evolution” is dead. ”Random Mutation is noise, Noise destroys. Cells, rearrange DNA according to precise rules (Transposition)”* The entire universe is based on order and as I have said, on today’s evidence there no aliens.

          Now faced with this information what now? Many yearn for something else. It is my experience that if I do not have a belief system, we get one regardless. Nature hates a vacuum. This belief system comes into being because we the human condition cannot stand to have emptiness with in. For some it becomes aliens, for others it becomes, a wife or husband, yes we do make others our higher powers. It manifests in addictions to all sorts of things, not just drugs, and alcohol. Food, TV, exercise, sex, study, work, the list is endless anything for us not to have to face ourselves or worse still reality.

          It is possible for anyone to have and experience God. Three conditions need to be present for anyone to feel and experience God. 1/The person needs to be rigorously honest in all their affairs. 2/They need to be open-minded, 3/Have willingness to invoke and invite change. Another helpful trait is to have some humility. I do not have to know who or what God is, but I have to, at least, know it’s not me. 0000001% openness is enough to get started. Good luck on your journey, it’s worth it, and you will be rewarded if you pursue this journey.

          *Quotes are taken from Evolution 2 by Perry Marshall

          • Don Means says:

            Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Actually there is almost overwhelming evidence for aliens not only visiting us now but far back in our past. I don’t trust our Govt one tiny bit and believe they are hiding tons of evidence regarding aliens and may even secretly be working with them.

            Further, I think that if God really created us that we would be quite a bit better than we are in every way imaginable. As it is, we are only slightly smarter than most of the other species we share this earth with. That doesn’t mean we have a soul and they don’t.

            I am 60 years old and I have been very open-minded my entire life which is how I came to my conclusions. I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church and came to question everything they preached by the time I reached age 25.

            • Robert says:

              Hi Don,

              I must apologise. The issue of Aliens is of course still an open question. I got completely off track.

              The issue here, for me, on this site regarding Evolution 2, Evolution 1 God, is not who is right and who is wrong, we could argue and not resolve anything, like schoolyard kids till we puke. And at some level, this is going on.

              Again I am prepared to stand corrected. What I take away from this site and this book is the following. The author has said with his thoughts and deeds, am I the reader prepared to put my entire belief system on hold while I examine what I believe to the depth that it requires to either confirm that belief or completely let everything I believe, have lived for, have been taught, to let that go. That Perry did this is incontestable. As I have said, this book is not only answers to questions asked but is a story of courage. A story of becoming teachable, vulnerable, humble. Few do what the author has done.

              Making decisions of belief and faith are not one-off events. For me, the author of this post I am writing now, my faith, my belief goes on the block every day. I wake up in the morning trying to live an open-minded life, not a mind that is closed in any area. Being human, I am not perfect at this, but I try. I attempt to live with the following traits rigorous honesty. (I’m not perfect). Completely open minded (I’m not perfect) and full throttle willingness to embrace the new, act quickly on others suggestions. Willingness to change my thoughts actions and deeds that have lead me to a better understanding. I have a desire to correct of my wrongs and an embracing of greater understanding.

              Finally, it is my experience that the discovery of God can not be on knowledge alone. God comes alive in me by my invitation to have God be a part of me. God is not an invader. I have to invite God into me. I will have an experience of God if I have the willingness to want that experience. If I do not ask God in then, this is what I will get, nothing. I do this not once but every day. This process is just me; please make your arrangements LOL! For me, God is an affair of the heart.

              I have discovered God in the quiet of my internal being. Not in some loud, noisy church. The church is where I take my message of discovery not where I find it. This discovery has been my firsthand experience. It is possible to have spirituality and not be in religion, it is possible to be in a religion and not have spirituality. Having the double whammy of both religion and spirituality is feasible.

              Wow, this post has gone on a bit too long so I will finish with how I started. In my view, Perry Marshall became teachable, became vulnerable, became to open to new ideas that went against his early understanding of what he believed. He was prepared to lose everything he knew and thought. Perry did loose things and had his opinion changed. He also found unexpected new truths. Hmmm, I am starting to sound like I’m Perry Marshall’s shill LOL 🙂 The question is, am I willing to do the same thing? For me, the author of this post the answer is yes. I have done so, and the rewards are beyond words to describe.

              To me, the challenge of this website and book Evolution 2 is, are you up for this change are you up for becoming teachable, vulnerable changeable? The reply is rhetorical 🙂 That is I do not need to hear the answer. This reply is for the reader to ask and respond in their internal quietness, of themselves. 🙂

      • Hendy Sitompul says:

        Why is god standing with “if”? Why is not with certainty?

  4. Robert says:

    The impressive aspect to me of Evolution 2, is that it is a road book of a journey to somewhere on not one but two accounts. For me, it was one, a scientific exploration and summarisation, presenting a case for the death of evolution as it is currently espoused or popularly perceived? It opened my eyes and I am not a creationist. It is a new story of evolution that is either ignored or deliberately buried by those who do not wish to confront a new reality.

    Secondly, even more, fascinating, was the journey that was taken by the author Perry.

    I have come to the realisation that I need to lead an open-minded life and so has Perry by the way I read this great account.

    What I got and thought I took in was, and correct me if I am wrong, is a story of a guy Perry, who became vulnerable enough to put his entire belief system on the line and hold, while he sought answers. Answers that could have led him to a precipice, crisis and loss of everything he stood for and believed? It was a story of a man who got more than he bargained for regarding answers. In fact, he appears to have almost uncovered a conspiracy to hide the truth.

    Evolution 2 is an exuberant hunt for truth and is forged on the anvil of honesty and open-mindedness. For what it’s worth, this is how I see Evolution 2.

    • You have exactly grasped what I was trying to do in the book. You caught its true essence. Thank you, and congratulations. What a great comment.

      I hope you’d be kind enough to post that as an Amazon review as well. Thanks for your remarks. I wish you the best in your journey. “Illusions are painfully shattered, right where discovery starts” -Neil Peart

      • Robert says:

        I had not thought of posting on Amazon but I will straight after this reply. Again correct me if I am wrong, but the third subtext to this provocative book is…. It’s a most wonderful love letter to your Perry’s/brother/? This is how I see it anyway. 🙂

  5. K V Gopalakrishnan says:

    I have not read the Book by Mr. Perry Marshall. But our simple common sense will tell us that such a complex varieties of life could have come into existence just by chance mutations or through evaluation or by elimination of the weakest by survival of the fittest etc etc. The electrical, mechanical and chemical activities within the human body, functions of different organs which interact with each other – and above all, a unimaginably powerful bio computer inside the head – all would not happened just by chance. If we divide the even one single function it would reveal millions of design aspects intricately linked to each other. These definitely indicate intentional design by some power. For what reason… also we don’t know.

  6. K V Gopalakrishnan says:

    Sorry… In my previous comment, please read as “life could not have come into existence just by chance” . Thanks

  7. Neil says:

    Perry, Perry, Perry – God created He did not evolve the world. There is no such thing as evolution, with respect to the Darwinian view of evolution. Abiogenesis has never been observed in the laboratory, it is a complete fiction. Since (abiogenesis) it has not been observed in the laboratory, studied, let alone used to predict outcomes, it is not science. It is a religion.

    You see, people are told Darwinian evolution is science, yet the same evidence they tout can be used to confirm creation and the truth of the bible. The mistake people make is that they try to marry Darwinian evolution with that of the bible in order to try and claw back what they see as some credibility by twisting mainstream science – but it doesn’t work. They never stop to think or question the existing view of science. I see why they are doing it but they are, in effect, doing God a disservice and watering down the truth of the bible. Either the whole bible is true or none of it is true.

    Perry please, lets not have none of this evolution nonsense.

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