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Martin Schweiger is a patent attorney in Singapore who has facilitated thousands of patent cases.  Martin sees more innovations and inventions in a week than most people see in a year. In this article he reviews my book Evolution 2.0 from the perspective of an engineer who asks questions about biology.

Very early in my own exploration of biology, I realized the concept of information in biology is not far from the human concept of Intellectual Property – namely that it’s unique and contextual and never just rote repetition of patterns such as you see in salt crystals. Indeed, information (genetic information but also much more) is essential to ALL novelty in biology, therefore is required for any form of evolution to take place.

In this sense, the patent applicant must prove to the examiner that their invention represents a unique contribution to the evolutionary history of the relevant technology.

Read Martin’s review here.

Quotes from his post:

I have a few books about patenting life science results sitting in my library, and none of them explains what is the big picture. They highlight certain aspects of the process of innovating in the area of working with molecular biology methods and their results. They explain how Transposition, Horizontal Gene Transfer, Epigenetics, Symbiogenesis, Hybridization, and other aspects of Molecular Biology work. But these books say nothing about how these processes work together

Perry wrote his book for people who seemed to have lost faith in the creator behind our daily world. So if you qualify for this group of targets then his book might be the right thing to read. You may find your faith in God again.

Other useful applications are for scientists that believe in Neo-Darwinism. “Neo-Darwinism” means “Evolution being the result of Random Mutation, plus natural selection, plus long times.” Example: T.G. Dhobzhansky with his fruit flies that grew legs out of their heads where antennae belong (pages 30 ff. of Perry’s book).

The finding would be that the Neo-Darwinism model is wrong if you follow Perry’s evaluation: Neo-Darwinism will get you nowhere. Random mutation is noise. Noise destroys.

Instead, better follow “Evolution Version 2.0” which is “Adaptive Mutation, plus natural selection, plus short time”. That thinking model will get you somewhere useful, as compared with the Neo-Darwinism model.

This book is a must-read if you are interested in things that go beyond your own life on earth. The quest is: who is beyond all this? And why? And how?

If the book gave me answers then why will it not give answers to you?

Please read it, you will like it. I promise!

Read Martin’s full review here:

Book Review: Perry Marshall – Evolution, Version 2.0


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