The Two Narratives


Darwin’s theory of Evolution by Natural Selection vanquished childish notions of a creator.

Life is ruthless competition of survival and reproduction. Nature is red in tooth and claw.

Purpose in nature has been eradicated. Free will is an illusion.

Science and religion are at war. There are no miracles. Skepticism is a virtue. Life is random.

We are lumbering robots, vehicles for our selfish genes.



The cosmos is divinely ordered and we are privileged to discover it.

The signature genius of evolution is higher levels of cooperation. Life is a gift. It is purposeful at every level. 

Science explores a world that is orderly, mathematical, elegant and beautiful.

Science is an act of worship, a window into the mind of a master architect. 

We are part of the ecosystem and have a responsibility to care for it. 


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5 Responses

  1. My book The Living Universe may be the first one to take up the concept of negentropy in order to explain not only the evolution of consciousness, but also the evolution of life as well as the very origin of the universe. Schrödinger introduced the concept in his book What is Life, but the point is really the concept itself but the concept of negentropy boundaries. With this concept the entire big picture of the evolution of life can be understood (and the concept of a creator may or may not be added). This does not mean that every aspect of the biochemistry of cells or physiology of organisms will get an explanation, but the importance of biochemistry is downplayed when it comes to the origin of life. The concept of negentropy boundaries may not take us all the way, but it does take us far.

    • Carl,

      I’m slowly making it through your book and liking it so far. Maybe 2 chapters in now. I don’t know if you’ve seen my presentation about negentropy at the Thermodynamics 2.0 conference 2022 but you may find some overlap between our ideas.

      • I found your slide show now and definitely there is much
        convergence in our thinking. I like the statement that we got the relationship between cause and effect wrong for a hundred years. It is the evolution of anatomy and morphology that brings about the changes in DNA.

        • Carl,

          Maybe you already have done this, but if you haven’t been down the Michael Levin rabbit hole you will find his work provides a very rich supply of evidence for just what you stated here. I’ve interviewed him here twice here; he also spoke at the Thermo 2.0 conference; he has a GREAT TED interview w/ Chris Anderson, and his papers are fantastic.

          Not only does his work (without question) upend decades of assumptions in development and genetics, his work also produces many USEFUL breakthroughs for medicine and biotech.


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