Thrive Global: “How (and Why) Perry Marshall Is Seeking to Unearth Life’s Underlying Forces”

Evolution 2.0 Was Recently Featured On

“According to Marshall, there’s more to discover about life than you ever thought possible.”


“If you’ve heard the name “Perry Marshall” before, it probably wasn’t in the context of science. Neither was it likely to be in the context of religion, either. Marshall attained money and fame by being very, very good at marketing. He’s one of the most recognized gurus in a field saturated with them—and over the years, he’s taught hundreds of thousands of people how to grow big businesses, including the founders of FanDuel and InfusionSoft.

But his latest venture is a little different …

Marshall’s new project is called Evolution 2.0, and from what he says, it will fundamentally change the way we look at the world around us—regardless of whether we’re religious or not, or how much we’ve looked into the question of evolution.

He insists both religion and science have missed fundamentals about life’s origins and the relationship between science and engineering. That the world is more complex and beautiful than we ever dreamed. I was fascinated and decided to interview him.

What he told me only whet my appetite even more …”

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