Evolution 2.0 Featured In Inc.

“3 Science-Backed Ways to Teach Yourself to Become a More Creative Thinker.”

“With the right mindset, creative ideas will flow more easily, opening up the path for you to create the next big thing…”

See The Full Article, Here: https://www.inc.com/carol-sankar/3-science-backed-ways-to-teach-yourself-to-become-a-more-creative-thinker.html

Download The First 3 Chapters of Evolution 2.0 For Free, Here – https://evo-2.org/3-free-chapters/

Where Did Life And The Genetic Code Come From? Can The Answer Build Superior AI? The #1 Mystery In Science Now Has A $10 Million Prize. Learn More About It, Here – https://www.herox.com/evolution2.0

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