Symbiogenesis of Cells, Businesses & Entrepreneurs

What happens when you are FORCED to evolve? A conversation with a business customer puzzled by Evolution 2.0 leaves some clues about Symbiogenesis:



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  1. Perry, on page 45 in your book, you say: “In humans, 46 chromosomes comprise instructions for building the whole body”. So it seems like you say here that every feature of my body is coded by an instruction in DNA. I would have agreed immediately if you had said something like: “Every cell building brick in your body is coded by DNA”. I don’t see how DNA codes for example for the location for the features in my face so that when I see my face in the mirror I recognize my forebears face. You would need a real real massive amount of bits to code for that arrangement and also for the logistics needed to get and keep the cells there. Has anyone tried to calculate the amount of information you would need for that? Where are the full assemblage instructions for my body coming from? How do my left ear cells know they’re in my left ear so they try to arrange themselves in a good mirror image of my right ear?

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