Superbugs: Kaizen, Quantum Leaps, And Penicillin

Have you ever thought about WHY you have to take the entire bottle of antibiotics every time you get a sinus infection?

Because a regular ole’ bug can become a SUPERBUG in about 10 minutes.

Unless you napalm the bacteria wreaking havoc on your immune system into oblivion, the tiny little bastards will come back stronger and harder to kill.

And, you, my friend, become the battleground for an all-out war between superbugs and t-cells.

All because of an evolutionary process known as “horizontal gene transfer”.

There are ENORMOUS implications for this in business.

….and most people have NEVER even heard about it.

I go into all of those ideas in-depth (and more) in my new book, Evolution 2.0. Watch the video below where I discuss superbugs and kaizen.

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