The Exquisite Merger-Acquisitions of Mother Nature

Mother Nature has some pretty stunning capabilities. One of them is the ability of two species to combine and make a stronger hybrid.

One such merger is the marriage of fungi and algae to make: Lichen.

Lichen can make its own food by way of photosynthesis thanks to algae AND protection from the environment through the ailments of fungi.

What if you could follow a simple process in your business to utilize the same symbiosis that mother nature utilizes to evolve?

The concepts are so simple a child could understand them.

–And they can TRANSFORM your business.


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2 Responses

  1. Craig Duncan says:

    Perry, the simple way you explain the five blades of your “Swiss Army Knife” model of Natural Genetic Engineering in the video is genius. In fact, so is your whole blog and what I have read of your Evolution 2.0 book.

    Speaking of engineering, I have a degree in mechanical engineering, have worked as a software developer, and consider myself an entrepreneur–so you should know what that means according to the “Salem hypothesis.” I am currently writing a book which initially was only about a fractal periodic table I put together of repeating “elements” or concepts in the Bible. I believe it will shed new light on patterns like the seven physical “days” of creation (most commonly understood as representing ages or long periods of time) and how they relate to seven literal as well as spiritually significant days in the life of Yeshua (Jesus).

    However, while doing research for the book, I came across your blog several years ago and the connections you made between information theory, codes, and consciousness lit my mind on fire. This “horizontal gene transfer” of your battle-tested information helped me formulate a new fractal explanation of the mind–body problem that includes the idea of code (a kind of information about information) as a third aspect of existence. The solution also maps to the semiotic triangle of language and the theological doctrine of God as a Trinity, which I believe is a major breakthrough in philosophy thanks in a large part to you.

    In addition, I think I have found another key connection between information theory and the Bible. Not only is the Word of God full of fractal and redundant (and therefore more error-resistant) patterns of creation, separation, and restoration at multiple scales, it has also been redundantly sent several times through text, personal, and spiritual formats. The loss of signal, timeout, and retransmission (or death, burial, and resurrection) of Yeshua is the encoded sign of an ultimate moral error-correcting code, which operates at the highest conscious level of life. I believe this is the “game, set, match, and championship point” for people who choose to follow the life-giving instructions (or moral code) of Jesus. Here’s a link to part of a scene from the movie Contact about finding a similar key:

    I’d also like to send you another link so you can read a preview of the book that has more information and diagrams. However, instead of stopping our communication at the level of a reverse horizontal gene transfer after I’ve added the equivalent of a few new “musical licks” to your original “jazz riff,” I have an idea for a symbiotic organization. I believe it can make some “noise” (a very rare good kind) by helping tear down the “Berlin Wall” of Neo-Darwinism a lot faster and then recycling the rubble to help close gaps in the way creationists view God.

    Please contact me by email if you’re interested in the book summary or organization idea. Incidentally, the day I am posting this comment to your blog and slowly starting to make my future book public is also part of a code.

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