How Simple is the Simplest Cell?

An interesting article blurb:


“A minimal cell is usually defined as a cell in which all genes are essential. This definition is incomplete, because the genetic requirements for survival, and therefore the minimal genome size, depend on the environment in which the cell is grown. The work described here has been conducted in medium that supplies virtually all the small molecules required for life. A minimal genome determined under such permissive conditions should reveal a core set of environment-independent functions that are necessary and sufficient for life. Under less permissive conditions, we expect that additional genes will be required.”


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  1. will brooks says:

    Hi Perry,

    Thanks for your emails.

    I should like to ask if your model of life is bottom to to top i.e. a first single celled organism originated in a prebiotic soup and over time evolved into the diversity of life including humans.

    If this is your belief could you provide evidence for the first single celled organism forming in a prebiotic soup or hydrothermal vents or whatever?

    Many thank for your time and consideration.



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