Optimism or Extinction? What’s the Future of Humanity? 

Secular scientist and academic John Hands has been described as a ‘polymath’. His 2016 book Cosmosapiens received wide praise for its analysis of human evolution since the beginning of the universe. His new book ‘The Future of Humankind’ looks ahead to what lies in store for homosapiens.

He discusses the issues with Christian thinker Perry Marshall, author of Evolution 2.0, as they discuss whether the dangers posed by AI, climate change or conflict are likely to lead to extinction, or whether we are due for a further development of human consciousness.

For more information on John Hands: https://johnhands.com/

Download The First 3 Chapters of Evolution 2.0 For Free, Here – https://evo2.org/evolution/

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  1. Hunter Glaspell says:

    Hi Perry, long time follower of Evo 2.0 and your work. Talks like this are really fascinating, and a lot of what the current research is pointing to is what led me from being a Protestant with a dualistic view of God and nature, to an orthodox Christian with a very idealist view of creation very recently (with the help of Jonathan Pageau). I have noticed over the years you have touched less on your personal faith in detail, and though you have a pretty solid stance that materialism is not the way to look at things, I have wondered if you have changed your view of who God is. You have featured quite a few people who view Consciousness as god, and or in some way the idea that consciousness is all there is. This is a very Hindu/Buddhist way of viewing the world, and I was curious if these talks have changed your view of God away from a Christian sense, and more to these eastern religious traditions. Or has it solidified your faith in Christianity, Jesus, and the God of the Bible. I understand you like to be very unbiased to one worldview or another so the conversations can be had from people of multiple backgrounds, and I have applied that in my life as well. Just curious. It must be said that I found your work when I (like your brother) was about to give up my faith and questioned everything. Though I fully came back to God for a variety of other reasons, your work helped me through that dark period of time where I started to believe the cynical atheist view of the world. I appreciate what you do, and hope my question doesn’t come off to noisy or invasive. I apologize if so. Thank you, and God bless.

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