New Contest Submission for $10M Prize

Dmitry Kukuruznyak

We get a significant number of submissions for the Evolution 2.​0 Prize. Unfortunately, most of them do not even come close. However, some make very respectable attempts to reframe the problem and this new entry by Dmitry Kukuruznyak  is above average. Dmitry is a physicist from Russia and I often find that, for some reason, physicists often bring a blend of artistry and rigor to these questions. He explores whether there might be a blurry boundary between life and non-life and has a lot of good observations about the unique characteristics of biology. You will also find detailed explorations of emergent properties in chemistry. His submission is followed by a thoughtful response from my research team explaining what he has and hasn’t achieved thus far. It is not without its problems but it raises good questions.

You can explore other past submissions, several of which are extremely interesting, here. Finally, don’t miss the interview I had last year on the Unbelievable? show with world renowned chemist Lee Cronin who assured us that he is someday going to win this prize.

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8 Responses

  1. Erlon CRUZ says:

    All links are returning 404 to me.

  2. Rich Waite says:

    Perry, I am in the midst of writing a book on evolution theory and Gods hand in it. I borrowed your book from the local library as a reference source. Being and engineer myself, it was very comprehensible and the book layout was great. I learned so much from the 5 blades. I am so impressed that I am using your ideas in my book. I expand on them, and twist them a bit to show Gods hand in all of it. I ignore the word evolution but tend to show adaption and mutation. Your statement on randomness and noise in evolution theory is fantastic. I have listened to your podcast, and watched videos. Thanks so much. When finished I just might have you review the book, if I am confident in my writing. Now I need to go buy Evolution 2.0. P.S, I have stage 4 cancer and your interview with Azra Razra gave me many ideas so I have obtained her book and I cant put it down. Thanks.

  3. Minh Vu Quang says:

    If looking in a different direction from the problem, still answer the big question around it.
    A programmed computer with data stored in binary form – “static” – cannot interact in real time with its surroundings. Once you understand why a cell has to clone its DNA from the original embryo until the end of its life, the problem is solved!

  4. Minh Vu Quang says:

    The number of A-T nucleotide pairs is always more than G-X pairs in the human genome and in the DNA of other organisms (you can check).
    So why does nature choose to transcribe RNA by replacing T with U but not G or X.

    A few comments for extensive bioinformatics!

  5. Paul Humber says:

    I am a Young Earth creationist and predict that no one will be able legitimately to claim the $10M prize because the gap between non-life and life is essentially infinite. I see this as a ploy to get attention, but if Perry Marshall would like someone to debate, I am willing.

    • I have told my investors I think there’s a 10% chance of solving this in my lifetime. You may be right but it may be solvable. Meanwhile it brings clarity to what we still do not know.

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