5 Amazing Things about Cancer, Viruses and Evolution

Perry Marshall was invited to Notre Dame Business School to present at a masters level class on new trends in medicine and biology. This talk canvases a spectrum of issues from COVID- 19, virus evolution and the dark underbelly of cancer research.

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2 Responses

  1. Gene Jones says:

    That’s not evolution. That’s natural selection. Every species adapts to environmental expectations to preserve the species whatever threat may come.
    Evolution presumed without evidence that one species will morph into a completely different species for similar reasons. But a species cannotoreserve itself if it eliminates itself to produce one that doesn’t exist. It’s a theory because there’s no evidence to support it. Natural selection is observable and gas a logical purpose. Ni species turns into a different one. Our dna will never be one that if a different species. We might need to grow elephant ears for the human species to survive a future climate. But we can’t become elephants .
    Get it right.

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