How to Solve the World’s Most Intractable Problems

In September 2021, a dozen entrepreneurs gathered in Chicago and had a seminal 3-day discussion and commissioning for solving the world’s most thorny, intractable issues.

Bob Regnerus was there and here we discuss what happens when entrepreneurs shift their focus from creature comforts to curing the most wicked problems of the world.

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  1. Justin Fine says:

    OMG!!!! I don’t think I have ever been more excited in my entire life!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Perry,
    One point solution is here.

    Holistically Educationists, Scientists, Spiritual Gurus, Celebrities, Capitalists and Politicians guide, govern and control the world. All of them are working hard for the well-being of the people from their own point of view. But despite the tireless efforts of all, the life of common people is becoming increasingly difficult. Presently disease and poverty are the biggest problems of the world, due to which many other problems are also increasing day by day. It is clear from this that all of us, knowingly or unknowingly, are making some big mistake, towards which no one is paying attention.

    That big mistake is that most human beings are destroying their seeds in transient pleasure which definitely brings disease and poverty in life. It is a divine law that seed only makes the fruit. Human beings are also no exception in the context of this divine law. Therefore most of the human beings are not getting the fruits of success because of destroying their seeds in transient pleasure. Nature is also reacting negatively through various calamities due to abundance of sexuality. The scientific reason behind this is explained in the presentation and book.

    Today, in order to make human beings around the world healthy and wealthy naturally, they need to be educated about Save-Seed. Save-Seed means maintaining complete purity in mind, body and deeds while having a relationship only with the spouse for life. By following Save-Seed lifelong, one gets good health, wealth, name and fame naturally.

    We all know that a seed grows a tree, later tree makes many fruits from many seeds. In this process seeds are the only original thing and the tree acts as a tool to produce fruits from the seeds. In the same way, parents’ seed makes a human body, later the body brings many successes (health and wealth) from many seeds. In this process seeds are the only original thing and the whole body (including brain) acts as a tool to produce successes from the seeds.

    Due to ignorance and abundance of sexuality, its correct information is not reaching the common people. Just as today the whole world is united in fighting the global pandemic. In the same way, today the whole world will have to unite and make people aware about Save Seed.

    Now time has come for all human beings to seriously understand the importance of the only law of nature, Save-Seed. To understand this natural process in detail on a scientific basis, you must watch the video presentation “Divine Dharma Save-Seed” or read the e-book available on the website

    This presentation and book has been prepared based on in-depth study of various fields like cosmology, particle physics, agriculture, medicine, engineering, agriculture and spirituality. This presentation and book reveals many mysteries about the black hole, divine consciousness, the origin of matter (Atom), the origin of life (Adam), functioning of the brain etc.

    To remove disease and poverty from the world, all other solutions will prove to be difficult, expensive and momentary measures. While spreading awareness about Save Seed is a simple, economical and sustainable solution. Through Save-Seed, we can make the world a golden bird very soon.

    Satyajit Patidar
    Indore, India
    [email protected]

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