Home School – Old Earth vs. Young Earth & Atheism

Perry Marshall’s talk to high school students at One Day Enrichment for T.E.A.C.H. (The Evangelical Alliance of Christian Homeschoolers) in Oak Park Illinois, March 20, 2015. Perry is author of Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design published by BenBella.


-Preparing home schoolers for college science, and the critical moment: “Hey wait a minute – if my church was wrong about science, are they wrong about Jesus too?”

-Can the Bible interpret itself? Or can science help?

-1s and 0s – what information reveals about DNA and how it overturns atheism

-Christianity is not heady theological propositions, but a result-based, historical, hands-on belief system that gave birth to modern science.

-Why no Christian should ever fear secular science


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  1. Bob Pope says:

    I’m enjoying your e-mails but I am already way ahead of you. First, I have never been conflicted over the concept of evolution and creation. One signifies a process, the other a designer/manipulator/creator; call it what you like. One of my favorite T-Shirt slogans is Thank God for Evolution. There is no question that evolution is a fact otherwise we would all look the same, there would be no different races; we would not be taller than we were even a few hundred years ago etc etc. Having said that I believe Scientists are often prima donnas who think they know everything. They “know” squat. Their “Big Bang Theory” makes a fun TV series but is fundamentally flawed. Rather than being 13-18 Billion years old the universe or more properly, this portion of the universe is over 865,000,000,000 years old. Space alternately expands and contracts leading to incorrect assumptions about its origin. We are not plunging headlong into oblivion where one by one the farthest stars will disappear nor are we doomed to experience the Big Crunch when things collapse. Scientists have been looking for an explanation for this since Edwin Hubble discovered that our galaxy is only one of billions, each with billions of stars and doubtless trillions of planets. Religionists for their part are just as intransigent. Bible thumping YECs that think the earth is about 6000 years old give scientists who have little religious background good reason to stay away from religion altogether. There is so much in religion that needs to be re-examined but unlike science, religion believes it has all the answers in whatever holy book they ascribe to. While the bible describes the secular history of the Jews with “god” written between the lines it is by no means the “word of god”.
    Several years ago Life magazine had an article about how various people viewed the place of “god” in creation. The one I liked best stated that it was as likely for the universe to come into being without a creator as it was for a tornado to blow through a junk yard and build a 747.
    The problem is that neither side wants to see the truths in the others position. While Genesis tells a spiritual truth about God creating everything it certainly didn’t happen in seven days or even seven epochs as some will concede. While scientists have failed to produce a genetic mutation with their fruit flies and other experiments it is because they are not creators. They have however given us insight into a marvelous creation; they just don’t have the humility to recognize it as such. Only a godless science allows us to create the hellish products of nuclear bombs and other weapons of mass destruction and godless materialism allows us to rape the earth for our own short-sighted ends. And here is where the Bible is to blame for it says that God gave man dominion over all the earth. Mankind are the stewards of the earth not the masters and we have no right to rape and pillage the earth but rather have a responsibility to use our scientific genius to improve life upon the earth. As triune beings of body mind and spirit we are ill served by either fundamentalist religion or atheistic science. What we need are deeply spiritual scientists whose eyes are open to both ends of the spectrum. Robert Jastrow wrote in God and the Astronomers that scientists have been climbing a mountain in search of answers and that as they scramble over the final rock they are met by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries. (pg 99). Science and true religion are not at odds. Science merely illuminates the truths found in religion while eradicating the fairy tales.
    I’m not sure where you are headed with your treatise but I am enjoying it nonetheless.
    Bob Pope

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