“Biology is the study of things that appear to be designed.”

Richard Dawkins the famous atheist said that.

In poker, a “tell” is a signal that your opponent is lying and he knows it.

Dawkins’ statement is a ‘tell.’ It’s the sort of thing people say when they’re in denial.

Biology invokes the exact same principles of design you find in an engineering book or architectural manual… except the designs are better. And it is teleological.

It has a mind of its own. Everyone instinctively knows this. The more time you spend in nature (and not merely studying it or talking about it) the more clear this is.

One has to be laboriously “educated out” of believing it, out of feeling that sense of wonder.

Everyone can sense that there is a Grand Design. That’s why atheism has a to be enforced with guns and fear and intimidation. It’s why old-school Darwinists throw tantrums whenever someone suggests there are problems with their theory.

Now, when I say biological things are designed, I mean that in a much higher, larger sense than what is normally understood. I don’t mean “and on the fifth day, God beamed zebras and giraffes onto the savannah.”

No, I mean something much deeper than that – that living things possess the ability to adapt and to design themselves, and that the universe not only is a design but in some lesser sense is itself a designer.    

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