Why “God did it” halts science (even if it’s ultimately true)

“We are to press known secondary causes as far as they will go in explanation of facts. We are not to resort to an unknown cause for explanation of phenomena until the power of known causes has been exhausted. If we cease to observe this rule there is an end to all science and of all sound sense.”

-Congregational minister and Geologist George Frederick Wright (1876)


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4 Responses

  1. I disagree that “God did it!” halts science. The fact that men believed in an orderly and intelligent God gave rise to science and trying to find out how He did it and what the laws of the Universe are. Science is supposed to objectively look at the evidence and to figure out the mechanisms. What “halts science” is starting with the presupposition that the concept of a God/Designer is not allowed to enter the equation.

    • Search the page https://evo2.org/stephen-meyer-debate/ for “laplace” and you’ll find a story where misapplication of “God did it” definitely impeded scientific progress. I agree with you that banning God from the picture also slows science, ie “junk dna” hypothesis. (A longtime favorite of atheists which has now been laid to rest.)

      • Certainly examples from the past are abundant. The church (lower case intentional) deliberately did its best to totally stop progress. The problem is that the pendulum has swung too far in the opposite direction. I’m a Creationist, and an engineer and am amazed at the incredible complexity of “life”. I agree with Behe that only a Designer/God of incredible intelligence could have done this. If this could be done at all, what not in six days? Why not in six seconds?

        • Search my site for “age of the universe” or “age of the earth” – plenty of past conversations for you to chew on.

          Since you’re engineer I STRONGLY encourage you to read Evolution 2.0. You will totally ‘get’ it.

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