Dogmatic Darwinist Jerry Coyne “reviews” my book — Evolution 2.0 — here’s my response!

The atheist community has become as dogmatic as the religions they attack.

Internationally famous atheist Jerry Coyne heard about the publication of my book, Evolution 2.0. And he decided to write a review… After ONLY reading the book description.

The gist of his review? “Move along folks, nothing to see here.”

He couldn’t bear to even read it before passing judgment — an arrogant and intellectually irresponsible move from someone who calls himself a “scientist.”

Listen, I grew up a Creationist. And although I admittedly hoped to find some evidence of design in the inner workings of evolution, that’s not what I committed to in my search for the truth. Heck, I was ready to accept “God is dead” if that’s where the facts clearly led.

I decided to use science — the latest post-Darwin, 20th and 21st Century science — to understand what’s really going on with DNA and evolution. And perhaps, to find out where we came from.

I was willing to go wherever the truth took me.

And what I found was that folks like Jerry Coyne were leaving out the absolute most interesting bits about evolution because they don’t fit into his tidy little atheist box.

Watch this video, and discover the real reason why I believe Jerry Coyne is telling people to “move along”…

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  1. arnold horowitz says:

    why would a creating being need adoration from people? that being would be above us more than we are above the ants. only a being with an ego problem would require adoration. on the other hand a person with an imagination and a desire for power would creat a god and collect for it.

    • God is love and is the source of all love. The only way for someone to love you back is if they’re free to do so. And you are free to love God, or not love God. Those who are in love with God and receive love back from him understand.

      • Lucjan Zeitman says:

        Perry, if God is love why has he made the world as it is – full of suffering? I know, this is an argument as old as God himself and the answer to it is that we ourselves are responsible for that suffering by not observing God’s commandments. It is because we are made free by God that we can choose either the right way or the wrong one. If we make the wrong choice we must suffer, if the good one, we will be rewarded with God’s love. (By the way, It reminds me of training a dog or other animal with a stick or carrot method). Speaking about animals – it is obvious that they suffer at least as much as we do.
        Whether they want it or no they must kill to survive and this is true for carnivores as well as for herbivores because the last ones can only survive by eating plants which are living and feeling beings as well. (Already in seventies there were made first research which seem to show that plants show stress reactions while in danger of being eaten, trampled down or burned).
        So there is no freedom and no mercy here. Is God really love?
        But plants do not have to kill to survive – they can in principle keep themselves alive by use of carbon dioxide, oxygen and solar energy. Has God created plants to show us that he could have invented a better world if he wanted so? Do you call it love? By the way – in the old testament you can read about God’s cruel experiments performed several times – first on Adam and Eve, then on Abraham and the most known one – on Hiob. Each time he shows that what he demands from us is an absolut, blind obedience rather than being able to make free choice. Is it love?
        I do not exclude a possibility that our universe could be created by some unimaginably powerful being but not a loving one. More probably a cold, unemotional scientist for whom we are just an interesting topic for doctoral dissertation.
        My best greetings and congratulations in connection with your really interesting and thoughts provoking evolution 2.0

        • Lucjan,

          It gets worse than that.

          Not only do you have all the vagaries of nature, you have the fact that in the Adam and Eve story, the garden is staff by THE MOST PISSED OFF CREATURE IN THE ENTIRE COSMOS, who is also the 2nd most powerful creature in the cosmos, the serpent, or Lucifer.

          Adam and Eve are not warned about this.

          That’s the setup.

          My initial comment about this is, the Judeo-Christian story does not shrink back in any way shape or form from the hard questions.

          And yes these are the hard questions we’re faced with.

          Is God really love? YES. And He has placed us in an Epic Story where love is tested.

          Happy to discuss further. But let’s acknowledge – that is the setup.

      • Pierre Cloutier says:

        It’s only your imagination.

    • I do understand where you are coming from. Religion is very abusive. You may appreciate my email series “7 great lies of organized religion” at

    • David Hackenbracht says:

      Another thing not taken into account is God’s Holiness and free from all sin. God doesn’t “require” anything from us, and he doesn’t “need adoration” from us. God is “worthy” because of his nature. Big big difference between “need” and “worthy”.

      • Hammou says:

        Why please do you say God does’nt need adoration from us ? are you the one who created the Human ? or associated with whom created them ,the you can affirm such thing ?, please be modest don’t interfer with what God want ,leave him such decision to him ….

    • DavidW says:

      I agree with your comment completely. Perhaps an unexpected extra is that the Bible does, too. (See the book of Job chapter 35 verses 4 to 8, and the following chapters about God’s greatness.) And of course it’s no surprise that unscrupulous people have invented stories (both religious and non-religious) for personal gain. The key question for me is: How can we discover the truth?

      • ali g. ali baaqail says:

        You will dsicover the truth when you will die……. Hell or Heaven, whatever, is your destination?? Depends on your faith and deeds.

    • Bell Hirsch says:

      I totally agree with you that a person who needs adoration from others is lacking. Yet, I’m afraid you totally missed the point. Adoration serves a purpose for us, not for Him. We need to develop an attitude of humility. It is easy to worship science and technology and feel that humankind is mature, capable and fit to take care of every challenge humanity faces. This is SO WRONG and we need to be constantly reminded of our vulnerabilities (especially vanity, which is a worse ego problem) – therefore we remind ourselves that we are not the rulers of our universe. Be well.

    • Marilyn Brenden says:

      He doesn’t need our adoration. We need our adoration of God.

    • Julean says:

      Nobody yet fully understands why God created the universe with this one and only planet that sustains life in extreme diversity.

  2. Ben Hunt says:

    Natural selection is split-testing, but lacking the creation of the candidate permutations. I’ve been using the metaphor of the Roman god Janus for years when talking about testing in marketing. You need to appreciate both the past and the future together. The past tells us what has worked before. The future is where we get new ideas and new possibilities about what might work better. Natural selection is only retrospective; it does not create new candidates, merely sorts out the winners and losers.

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