For Those of You Ready to Chuck Your Faith Out the Window

By day, Jason Vidaurri is a mild-mannered chemical engineer of about 16 years, whose day job consists of delving into the intricacies of turning raw materials into useful, everyday products. A perfectly respectable role for a man of his education and experience.

Outside of work (and likely unbeknownst to his coworkers), Jason is the engineer of – a podcast committed to helping others find more of their own success in all aspects of life by giving people the freedom to tell their story – with the intent that listeners might find foundational material on which to build upon their own lives.  

Jason recently had me as his guest to talk about Evolution 2.0 and we immediately cut to the chase. In this episode we talk about my harrowing journey of slashing through the jungle of the creation versus evolution debate, how we spend our lives fighting random mutation, and my simple exercise of organizing the world into two halves: those with code and those without.

Here’s a few highlights guaranteed to awaken your inner geek:

  • Theology is squishy, science is not – 9:02
  • How DNA is mathematically identical to an ethernet packet (really) – 15:30
  • Why evolution is simply a software engineering problem – 17:28
  • What the cell does that no other human technology is capable of (sorry, Google) – 26:23

Enjoy:  StoryHinge – Episode 11

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  1. Paul Leeks says:

    Science and religion will converge….a human being comes from a human being…your mind,body and spirit

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