What Science and the Post Office Have in Common

Nicholas Upchurch

Nicholas Upchurch

I was recently invited by Nicholas Upchurch to appear on his Believe! podcast. We ended up with over an hour of unusual content.  Now, here’s why I called this clip “unusual.”

There are many theories, models, and hypotheses that Nicholas and I may not agree on. And some of the remote fringes of science that he aspires to traverse may be very… “fringy.” However, what unites the two of us is our shared conviction that no verifiable fact can be ignored if we want the true science to happen.

We ended up visiting many rabbit holes in this very short time span. If there was a world record for that, we’d almost certainly smash it.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What mainstream scientists, researchers, and professors are most afraid of
  • Was life brought to Earth from another planet? (And why the answer to that doesn’t answer anything.)
  • Extraterrestrials and the Vatican
  • What comes first, matter or consciousness?
  • Pacemakers, Galileo, and the center of the Universe
  • What science and the post office have in common

Listen to it here: Perry Marshall on Science vs. God

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3 Responses

  1. Mikki says:

    Hi, dear friend Perry:
    Science did discover few things to help Man, but scientists refuse to see ‘god’ thinking it is all matter, energy–however, none of them has any clue ‘what is energy’? It is not energy, it is ‘power of force’–you have it, I have it, and ‘god’ possess it and imparts within us. Now, how can you teach that truth to these “no-god” believers who think DNA/Genes can do all the magic on its own (thinking Man is able to do the magic, too): ask them why a dead-Man is unable to do the magic?
    Yes, I have answers to all your Qs–let us Talk when you have time.

  2. Tufail Dhana says:

    I have no problem with priest and his views about life and God. I live on land with people. God is supreme, therefore does not need anything.God is supreme only because stands needless. We are iiving on land of universe.Humans have to think life and living.We have solve problems we face.Science is search of knowledge for human welfare.It matters to humans only.

  3. Rajeshkumar Narayanan says:

    It is absurd to believe that science has every logic. Science is just a portion of intellect and certainly it cannot explain everything, the Absolute reality (god) is limitless and infinite with respect to time, space. It is only the consciousness which we see as both the energy (efficient) and matter. In reality, it is the same absolute consciousness which functions as the mind and body in each object but with different characteristics, and we actually see the same consciousness in different forms and we never see two things. Its the same consciousness from which the universes can be created (with the required precision), maintained, destroyed, as there is no parallel existence to the consciousness. It is ONE absolute reality that exists for all time (without any beginning and end) with infinite knowledge and with infinite bliss / happiness. The real goal of all living is to attain to that by realising our own real nature is consciousness and it is only illusion to think that we belong to the material world which cannot give us eternal happiness.

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