Sam Devis of When Belief Dies in Conversation

Sam Devis is a former pastor who experienced a faith deconversion a couple of years ago similar to that of my brother, Bryan.

After reading Evolution 2.​0, Sam and I got together to discuss my journey from fundamentalism to where I am today. We cover many fascinating aspects from Darwinist Jerry Coyne’s outrage to the nature of fundamentalist belief structures to evolution and entrepreneurship to questions about the cosmos and freewill.

Sam’s website is https://linktr.​ee/whenbeliefdies.

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One Response

  1. Nick Hardman says:

    My take…

    Belief doesn’t die
    it gets tested to see if it’s real or fake

    our responsibility to rise above whatever cultural filters and religious presuppositions that have distorted the truth
    impediments of our own making
    but now we have technology that makes that easier than ever (information, digital study tools, podcasts etc).

    clock’s ticking for those still on the fence
    and it’s getting late

    those who fall away are DNF
    did not finish
    crossing the finish line is the bare minimum you gots to do
    otherwise, no placing

    time duration is irrelevant
    if you can walk out on a relationship after 10, 20, 40, 50 years
    was there one at all?
    “Depart from me, I never knew you”

    I have lived this
    played out in real terms
    burned the understanding into my brain

    doctrine yes
    theology sure
    but believing loyalty trumps all

    heart keep burning with thanks, praise, and honour
    I was set free
    went through the fire
    came out the other side gleaming like gold
    I know myself and he who walked with me the whole way
    he walked it first
    now I understand
    now I see
    the real baptism
    praise and glory


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