Evolution in Sharp Focus: Lucent Technologies

Perry Marshall’s Biological Evolution talk at Alcatel-Lucent

Recorded live at Lucent’s Corporate Engineering Center

Naperville Illinois, April 14 2011

This is my 3rd biology talk at Lucent (Parts 1&2 here).

This time I focus on the systems evolution uses, from a communications and software engineering point of view. Since Lucent owns AT&T Bell Labs, the material is especially relevant to this audience:

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  • Evolution is demonstrably true despite the protests of many religious people. But… it’s much, much different than the Darwinists told you.
  • Evolution is not always slow or gradual: It’s capable of leaping forward at breathtaking speed.
  • A completely NEW framework for understanding the entire evolution question (This model won the Nobel Prize for Physiology/Medicine in 1983 but the findings have been largely kept secret).
  • 5 proven evolutionary mechanisms that the atheists never bothered to share with you. Why?
  • DNA as a communications protocol and software language – discover how eerily similar it is to TCP/IP.

I got a warm reception from this mixed audience; disagreement from a few.

After presenting the 5 major systematic systems of evolutionary change – strikingly similar to methods used in computer software – I asked how many were seeing all of these things for the very first time. Most raised their hands. It was all new to them.

I believe you too will find this thought provoking.

Perry Marshall


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