Evolution Debate: How I Almost Became An Atheist

My brother and I grew up Creationists. He went to China to do missionary work, and within 4 years became a bitter agnostic bordering on Atheism.

This bugged me. We fought.

I asked him how he thought random mutations and natural selection led to the incredible creatures we are today. His answer was textbook Darwinism.

I tried to argue… But found I couldn’t use science to answer him. Yet.

But I would. So I went down the rabbit hole, investigating how evolution really works (based on post-Darwin, 20th and 21st Century science), and what that means.

Watch this video now to see how I’m using modern science to turn the evolution debate on its head…

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  1. Dionisio Manuel Garrido says:

    In my opinion, forgive my English, God created the universe, and at the same time created the possibility for life. And this occurred in the Earth, given the special conditions of temperature, water, etc. Life on Earth started from only one cell, which in turn gave origiin to the other forms, called vegetables, animals, etc. That’s why all of us, have the same L-aminoacids, and so the other living forms are our brothers.

  2. Werner W. Poersch says:

    Tank you; I bought and read your book “Evolution 2″ already in august with great interest. In the meantime I have read many others: G.R.Taylor:”The great Evolution Mystery”; F.Ryan: “The Mysterious World of the Human Genome”;J.McFadden: “Quantum Evolution”and now St.C. Meyer: “Signature in the Cell”. I thank you for this important information.

  3. Colin James says:

    Evolution is, ironically, an evolving science (as all science is) so more and more insight and deduction is taking place. Anomalies in the science does not, ergo, rationalise the existence of some god. History backs this up as every god or divine explanation for stuff has been explained by scientific enquiry at some point… And, by the way, which god explains your creationist world view? Bramha? Vishnu? Allah? Yahweh? Unkulunkulu? (Zulu) and so on?


    First video, had a lot of waffle, lots of “you know”s. and well worn out clichés – the end result – it/he said very little. Not too encouraging to watch anymore. But I will..

  5. James says:

    St. Thomas Aquinas on Intelligent Design (with Logan Gage)

    The Essential Titus Burckhardt–chapter “The Theory of Evolution”

    Reactions to the Theory of Evolution by Michael Negus

    The Nature and Extent of Criticism of Evolutionary Theory by Osman Bakr

    Edward Feser’s rebuttal (and much more) of Logan Gage’s critique:
    Thomism versus the design argument

    Also see:

    ID versus A-T roundup

    Feser’s book on the New Atheism:
    The Last Superstition, St. Augustine’s Press, 2008.


    I am professionally a biologist. Evolution vs special creation has always been a focal point in several of our talks, however, it remains to be an unending discourse, since arguments “for or against” essentially appears to be a circular one. Few things, nevertheless, call for attention: one, the physiological and functional similarities in the biological world do point towards evolution. two, the purpose of survival can’t be limited to perpetuation of species, as humans stand out to be a rational being.

  7. D. Zacharias says:

    Hi Perry.

    I VERY MUCH appreciate your honest search for truth, whatever the truth happens to be. I find that quality extremely rare. I’m on a similar journey. Like you, I also come from a Christian background.

    I bought and devoured your book Evolution 2.0. I’m from a physical science background. I am very weak in biology, but I could follow your reasoning.

    My question to you, Perry, is why do you favor evolution over old earth creationism? I’m a learner, and I want to learn anything you have to share about this. I seem to recall old earth creationists claiming that in the whole fossil record there is only a very small fraction of supposed ‘transitional’ forms, and that many of these are out of order. What are your thoughts on this? Maybe to save you time, there is a link to which you can refer me.


    • Evolution vs old earth – in my book I say “Darwinists underestimate nature. Creationists underestimate God.”

      Evolution, if true, is MUCH more impressive than spontaenous acts of creation. It’s way harder to design a machine that redesigns itself than to just design two machines.

      There are many missing transitional forms and that’s because the transitions were rapid or even nearly instantaneous. See the chapters on Hybiridzation and Symbiogenesis. The best evolution evidence is live experiments like the ones I describe in the “Swiss army knife” chapters of the book.

      Really all this is covered in the book; I can’t imagine someone absorbing it all in one reading; it may be worth a 2nd read.

  8. Gary Haman says:

    Concerning the subject of documented miracles I have a website with my journal of personal miracles at: http://www.yes-god-is-real.org (It is also in the library of Congress under My Little Book of Miracles.

    • Gary,

      I salute you for doing this. Still, efforts like this deserve the best presentation you can possibly give them. You can do better. Suggestions:

      1) Format the book properly
      2) Post the book in PDF, not WORD
      3) make as FEW of the people, places, names, situations anonymous as possible. Use as many specific names and places as you can. Anonymity only makes skeptics think that the stuff never happened.

      My equivalent of your book here is at http://www.coffeehousetheology.com/miracles. You’ll note specificity of names and places.

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