Evolution 2.0 at Penn State University November 12, 2018

Where Did Life Come From?

#1 Question in the History of the Universe

Engineer offers $5 Million Prize

Perry Marshall at Penn State University’s Department of Electrical Engineering

Monday November 12, 1PM

Hub-Robeson Center, 2nd Floor – Room 233A/B, University Park, PA 16802


(Parking available at the HUB Parking Deck)

What does Electrical Engineering tell us about life’s origin? A lot! On Monday November 12, Entrepreneur, Author and EE Perry Marshall presents: DNA and the Genetic Code through the eyes of a communication engineer.

Perry grew up in a conservative Christian community; he was taught Young Earth Creationism in church. But when a crisis forced him to question everything, he applied Electrical Engineering to the problem.

This revealed a world of discoveries he couldn’t have imagined… and engineering served him well. Cells employ digital code, error correction, information processing and control systems.

These parallel and supersede human-engineered systems. One blade of grass is 10,000 years ahead of human technology.

This led him to organize a $5 million technology prize for Origin of Life and Artificial Intelligence, with judges from Harvard, Oxford and MIT. The prize was featured in IEEE Spectrum and is based on the discoveries of Claude Shannon, the legendary EE from Bell Labs who pioneered Information Theory.

Perry’s bestseller Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design brings fresh eyes to the 150-year old evolution debate. Bill Gates and the founders of Google revolutionized software and the web through their status as outsiders; similarly, Perry harnesses a communication engineer’s outsider’s point of view to reveal a century of unrecognized research and discoveries.

At Penn State, Perry will explore new frontiers of science research. He raises new questions that confront us in Artificial Intelligence and Genetic Engineering today.

Where did life come from? What happens if we crack the code? Find out at Penn State November 12.

Penn State University

Department of Electrical Engineering

Monday November 12, 1PM

Room 233AB Hub Building

7 Responses

  1. Daniel Missak says:

    Hey Perry, you have been very encouraging and helpful to read when I talk to my friends about the existence of God. One of my friends sent me this message and I wasn’t really sure how to respond – any ideas?

    “a system of words, letters, figures, or symbols used to represent others, especially for the purposes of secrecy” DNA isn’t symbols, letters or figures, it’s just a reaction. By comparing DNA you can actually see which animals and plants are closely related to each other and which ones they are descended from, which really removes any lingering doubt about all animals and plants being created at the same time. As for the claims about a language, if a designed language were to be used in DNA the four nucleobases Guanine, Adenine, Thymine and Cytosine, which pair up with each other, would be in use throughout the cell. However they are not, in RNA the Thymine is replaced with Uracil

    • If you search “DNA code” on this website you’ll find all the ammo you could ever need. Start here: http://evo2.org/dna-atheists/dna-code/

      I’ve built a $5 million prize on this definition with judges from Harvard, Oxford and MIT.

      • Daniel Missak says:

        Thanks for the suggestion. I have been sending him LOTS of excerpts from that website (which has proved to be very helpful so I appreciate the obvious hard work!) but he still continues to deny it. For example, when I sent him the diagrams at the beginning of the website, he said, “Those diagrams simplify a complex issue to the point of basic comprehension. Those diagrams are how we understand how the world works – but it needs to be recognised that the biological and chemical world works in a complete tangent to how our definitions of code, theories of transmission work. It is prudent to apply our understanding of foreign systems to the understanding of the human body.” Even after sending him that excerpt from Yockey about how they were not just analogies or symbols, he still continued to deny it, saying things like, “Ok but a code doesn’t equal intelligent design, it’s a layman term to make it more simplistic.” I’d appreciate any help or, even if you’re busy, just that you would remember him in your prayers. Thanks for taking your time to read this!

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