Defending Marriage Between Evolution & Design Against The World’s Largest Group Of Atheists.


In this exciting video Perry reveals how evolutionary mechanisms of gradual and sudden change work.

Do you remember one of the original computer operating systems called “DOS”? If not, think of the most primitive operating system imaginable (outside of punch cards) Got it in your head? Good.

Now think of Windows 10. Think of Outlook. Think of the touch screen. The Mouse. The Keyboard. The Speakers. The Microphone. Everything.

Ok, now imagine that DOS evolved into Windows 10. All on it’s own…

If that happened, would you be impressed? I hope so! Well that’s what’s happening every single day within OUR bodies in our cells. Here’s what’s crazy. We KNOW that this is happening. But truthfully, we don’t know how these cells know what to do.

Later in the video Perry tells the story how he got into a fight with the most infamous group of atheists in internet history. The Infidels. In fact, the fight took 7 years and ran for over 1000 posts. It was the LONGEST running, most viewed post in the Infidels history. After successfully defending his arguments for years, Perry decided to lay down the gauntlet…

“Prove me wrong and I’ll give you $10,000.” He laid the terms and prepared for the unexpected. He was met with… crickets.

Today, that $10,000 bet has transformed into the $5 Million Evolution 2.0 prize and Perry reveals the exact spec that we need to decipher to win the prize.

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