Intelligent Evolution Quick Guide

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I. Patterns vs. Designs

Naturally Occurring Patterns

Nature produces patterns by itself, with no help from a designer:

  • Weather: Hurricanes & Tornados
  • Snowflakes, Crystals, Stalagmites, Sand Dunes
  • Fractals and Chaos

Everyday interactions of matter & energy produce these things


Always based on language & symbols

  • Plans: Music, Maps, Instructions
  • Human languages: English, Chinese, Spanish
  • Computer languages: HTML, JPG,C++, TCP/IP, USB
  • DNA

Always require a designer

Designs always contain patterns, but natural patterns never contain designs or symbols. There is a vast chasm between the most complex natural pattern and the simplest design. All designs start with symbolic representation of ideas through a code, which is always designed by a mind.

II. How DNA Works

  • Encodes all information necessary for life
  • Double Helix – Divides and complementary bases attach to make copies
  • 4-Character Alphabet of Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine
  • A,T,C,G are comparable to binary 1 and 0 in computers
  • # of characters in DNA: 500,000 (single cell parasite) to 3 Billion (human)
  • DNA is an Encoding / Decoding Mechanism
  • Linguistics Analysis is used extensively to analyze DNA
The Language of DNA
DNA Language
Nucleotide Character
Codon Letter
Gene Word
Operon Sentence
Regulon Paragraph

III. Proof that DNA was designed by God:

1) DNA is not just a molecule – it is a coding system with a language & alphabet, and contains a message

2) All languages, codes and messages come from a mind

3) Therefore DNA was designed by a Mind

IV. What is information? What Makes a Message?

1) Symbolically represents something other than itself (i.e. a book is more than paper and ink)

2) Requires a speaker (“transmitter”) and a listener (“receiver”)

3) Contains the elements of language – alphabet, syntax, meaning and intent

V. Information is an Entity on Par with Matter and Energy

Three Fundamental Entities: Matter, Energy & Information

Information can be transmitted & stored via matter and energy, but is neither matter nor energy.

“Information is information, neither matter nor energy. Any materialism that fails to take account of this will not survive one day.”

Norbert Weiner, MIT Mathematician and “Father of Modern Cybernetics”

VI. Update to Paley’s 200 year-old Watch Design Argument:

1) The element common to both watches and life is: Both are preceded by a language (plan) before they are built

2) The essential difference between naturally occurring pattern and an intelligent design is language

3) All language comes from a mind

4) Therefore all things containing language are designed

VII. The Atheist’s Riddle: “Show me a message that does not come from a mind.”

So simple, any child can understand; so complex, no atheist can solve.

VIII. Evolution: 3 Kinds

1) Deliberate Mutation + Natural Selection + Time = Design (Business, Technology, NBA Playoffs)

2) Random Mutation + Deliberate Selection + Time = Design (Scrabble, Genetic Programs)

3) Random Mutation + Natural Selection + Time = Design (Never scientifically proven)

In daily conversation, the word “evolution” always refers to intelligent processes.

The only kind of evolution that is said to be non-intelligent is naturalistic biological evolution.

However there is no empirical evidence that truly random processes create significant evolutionary progress

IX. Can Random Mutation Produce Information? Try the Random Mutation Generator :

0 mutations: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog 20 mutations: Th8 WuickMbrown f4jS1um6zd CjeD thZ lAhy Ao4

10 mutations: Th8 quick brown f4j 1umpzd Cjer the la,y do7 30 mutations: TL8 YnGc-Mbro-n f4jS1um6wdECjeD thZ 1AhyuAo4

Fundamental problem with random mutations: They’re evenly distributed and destruction of information always exceeds the gain

X. All known examples of evolution (genetic programs, social progress) have an ability to Evolve that is designed in.

Therefore life on earth, the Fossil Record, the Cambrian Explosion and Punctuated Equilibrium are a result of:

1) The ability to make evolutionary change is designed in (i.e. not random mutation, but pre-programmed variations); and/or

2) Multiple incidents of special creation

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