If you had a chance to spend a day with Mother Teresa, would you go? If you had a chance to personally meet Nelson Mandela, would you go?

(Or would you stay home and mumble an excuse about cleaning out your garage?)

Meet Azra Raza, the woman who is detecting cancer at Stage Negative One. 

Join me and Azra in Vancouver Canada, September 23-24 2023!

To: Everyone whose life has been touched by cancer

From: Perry Marshall

Last year I enlisted the help of British entrepreneur Toby Baxendale to help Azra Raza with her startup cancer therapeutics company. We had a zoom call. After, Toby called and said: 

“When I was twelve, my father was helping Mother Teresa with a project. I had a chance to meet her. 

“The instant I shook Mother Teresa’s hand, I knew she was a woman of steel. She would run through walls. She might be barely five feet tall, might appear meek and mild, but she was a force of nature.”

Toby said to me: “Azra reminds me of Mother Teresa. Perry, we have to help this woman succeed.” Toby, a very successful serial entrepreneur, rolled up his sleeves. Gave her a strategy that brought in $13.5 million for the first phase of her project.

When I first read Azra Raza’s bestselling book The First Cell, my first question to her was:

“How did you deliver such a scathing indictment of the entire cancer industry… without winding up dead in a ditch?” 

She replied: 

“Everyone knows what I wrote was true. They can’t argue with me. They know if they challenge me in public, I’ll punch right back.”

She is an eminent physician at Columbia University in New York, caring for leukemia patients for 35 years. In her book she explains why cancer patients in Stage 4 are no better off than in 1930… how drug companies can make a billion dollars profit, do victory laps and throw lavish parties… for treatments that extend patient life by a miserable two weeks.

She explains 90% of our money is going into killing the “last” cancer cell instead of detecting the FIRST cancer cell… even though every oncologist knows detecting cancer early is where the power lies.

But Azra is not merely complaining. She is making MAJOR strides in the fight against cancer. (Even as the medical mainstream rearranges deck chairs on the Titanic.)


  • Azra has now discovered how to detect cancer at Stage Negative One. Cancer is easy to take out when you find it early… and well nigh impossible in Stage 3 and 4. She formed a new company, First Cell Therapeutics, to develop this new technology.
  • She is working with Michael Levin at Tufts University on a non-toxic method to kill the very earliest small cancer cells at Stage Zero. 

And that’s only the appetizers:

She has turned the tide from chasing the last cancer cell, to early detection of The First Cell. Even President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot is suddenly all for early detection! 

On June 14 2023 she published a landmark paper showing how to detect early “Stage Negative One Cancer Cells” in MDS Leukemia patients. Her colleagues are cracking open an entire new field in cancer research and therapeutics. No one is talking about this… yet. 

And that’s not all… the President also signed a Bill finally rejecting a requirement by the FDA to test drugs on animals (a law since 1912) before bringing them to the bedside. This is a victory for humans, because animal tissues behave very differently from human tissues and the requirement for animal testing has wasted much time and money.

And that’s just the “new” stuff. Over the last 30 years she built up the largest private tissue sample collection of any private medical practitioner in the world, taking bone marrow and tissues with complete patient histories, from 60,000 leukemia patients. She stored them, at her own expense, in freezers. Soon she was holding fundraising events in Hugh Jackman’s apartment in NYC as storage costs topped $1 million per year.

A year ago she succeeded in procuring cooperation from a biomed firm to begin sequencing this priceless data and correlating it to medical outcomes. 

Similarly, during the last two years she organized a program with eight “Blue Chip” hospitals including Northwestern, M.D. Anderson, Johns Hopkins and others. They track returning cancer patients who are in remission to precisely determine how, where and why recurring cancer appears, using simple tests that are easy to administer.

Azra was the keynote speaker at our Cancer & Evolution Symposium. She is motivated because she herself is a cancer widow. Her husband Harvey, who taught her oncology in medical school, himself succumbed to cancer. 

Then her daughter’s best friend Andrew died from brain cancer at age 20. She tells the heartbreaking story of Andrew’s death in our podcast interview at www.evo2.org/azra2

Standing helplessly as she watched Andrew wither away, she resolved to pour her full life energy into initiating a sea-change in cancer treatment. 

Azra is first to confess she is ashamed that she is using the same drugs today (by law) as she was in 1977 when she was a budding medical student.

She will be first to tell you this is an absolute travesty… yet it does NOT have to stay the same. She is vigorously shaking the status quo.

Detecting cancer at Stage Negative One… detecting Leukemia signatures no doctor has seen before… bypassing animal testing to speed cures… world’s largest tissue sampling collected by any one doctor… 

Any ONE of the above would place her in the top 0.1% of doctors worldwide. Taken together, these easily land her in Nobel Prize territory… but most importantly, she is within reach of halting cancer at Stage Negative One.

You must meet this woman. Live and in person. You must look her in the eye. Shake her hand. Ask her to sign a copy of her book.

Attend the Sept 23-24, 2023 event with Perry & Azra.

Highest Quality Networking

One of the best things about this event is the fantastic and fascinating people you will meet. The special day with Azra is small group format in which everyone in the room will be asked to introduce themselves. We will all have breakfast, lunch and dinner together both the 23rd and 24th. The open-ended group conversation will enable everyone to know who is in the room.

The evening time will be unstructured time for breaking bread, conversing, having drinks, and engaging in fascinating conversations with interesting people. I anticipate a few dozen in attendance.

CASE IN POINT: Last year at Kevin Ham’s cycling for cancer fundraiser, I had a 3-hour conversation with a medical professional who built a COVID vaccination center from the ground up during the pandemic. He had studied SARS 20 years before, and began warning other doctors and nurses about what was coming. He was initially reprimanded, then put in charge of staffing and managing the vaccination center for two years. His story was THE most interesting conversation about the pandemic that I have ever had and it changed my opinions about several things. I asked him if he would do an interview about it, but the Canadian government would never permit such a thing to occur. 

Uncensored conversations like that are legally forbidden on any social media network. Just like the conversation we will have with each other and with Azra.

You are coming so you can have those conversations, and to meet the kinds of people who seek out such discussions. 

The Veritas Health Summit on the 24th will have a larger number of guests, and we will also provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

That is why I want you, dear reader, to come to Vancouver BC and join us and meet Azra in person in a small group “fireside chat” on September 23.
I want YOU to PHYSICALLY spend time with us

I personally asked Azra to host an intimate Revolution in Cancer Medicine State Of The Union conversation with me and a small group, most likely 20-30 people. We have set aside time to share her story and answer your questions. 

You will be privy to conversations and insights that cannot and will not be published in any book, science journal, podcast interview or Facebook post.

Azra is one of those unique people who “fills the space” she is in and charges the atmosphere. A force of nature.

I want you to feel the energy and spirit of this movement, to sense the excitement of being on the vanguard of one of the most deadly diseases of the human race.

This is, without hyperbole, a once in a lifetime experience. It is simply not possible to have an uncensored conversation with a medical insider of her stature anywhere else or at any other time. The only people who get this quality and quantity of time with Azra are her postdoctoral researchers at her lab, and the most esteemed oncologists in the world at hospitals like Johns Hopkins and M.D. Anderson. 

If you value…

  • David taking out Goliath with 5 smooth stones 
  • Interdisciplinary conversations
  • Courage and Conviction
  • Personal stories that cannot and will not be shared in the media
  • Industry insights that suddenly make sense of what is really going on 
  • The kind of people and conversations that are only possible at an event like this

…Then you need to get yourself to Vancouver September 23-24. 

Once Azra said to me, “I know everyone in this business.” I replied, “So is the cancer industry as corrupt as I think it is?” Without batting an eye, she said, “worse.” 

The road Azra is on is strewn with the corpses of legions who attempted to upend the status quo. But she is doing it, as we speak.

Azra is bringing about major ingredients for the solution to cancer. I’ve arranged for you to meet her as a special guest of ReversingCancer.org, Evolution 2.0, and Kevin Ham’s company Reinvent. Decades from today, you will tell your children and your grandchildren that you came to this gathering and met Dr. Azra Raza in the flesh. 

Then on September 24 you will join us for the one-day Veritas Health Summit with Azra; ophthalmologist and nutrition researcher Dr. Chris Knobbe; Tour de France champion Chris Froome on the mindset and heart of a champion; Serial entrepreneur and medical doctor Kevin Ham; Dr. Alan Barnard (world class expert on Theory of Constraints) and myself, Perry Marshall.

You will experience a historic interdisciplinary stir-fry of revelatory medical information across many fields of expertise, as these five experts share knowledge and life experience.

This is a fundraiser like nothing you have ever seen. September 23-24 in Vancouver, Canada.

What do you mean by ‘FUNDRAISER’?

It means you pay the $1500 and you come. There is no a choreographed pitch or “Now it’s time get out your giving envelopes and checkbooks” fundraising dinner. There is no wind-up and pitch. Yes, I fully expect some people will make large gifts and commitments. Of course they will. Perhaps you will as well. But nobody will be twisting your arm, any more than we twist participants’ arms at my business seminar.

You are coming for the experience and that is exactly what you will get.

Kevin Ham, CEO of Reinvent, Inc and Chit Chats Express, the organizer of this event (serial entrepreneur, Evolution 2.0 investor and advocate) is a Medical Doctor who, in residency, was making more money with his online businesses than most doctors. So instead of practicing medicine, he went into business… Yet for the last 30 years has retained a deep interest and connection with medicine and health.

Kevin has macular degeneration (AMD) in his eyes. Chris Knobbe halted the development of Kevin’s AMD via diet. Chris Knobbe, MD, is a physician, ophthalmologist, nutrition researcher, author, speaker, and founder of the Ancestral Health Foundation and Cure AMD Foundation.

Dr. Alan Barnard is the director of Goldratt Research Labs and protege of Eli Goldratt, the Theory of Constraints expert who wrote the massively influential bestseller The Goal. His clients include Microsoft, Cargill, Nike, ABB, Cisco, and Habitat for Humanity.

Chris Froome rides for the Israel Premier Tech cycling team. He has won seven Grand Tours: four editions of the Tour de France (2013, 15, 16 and 17), one Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a España twice. 

Azra is a force of nature. Get a taste by watching my interview with her at www.evo2.org/azra2. This is a once in a lifetime event. You must meet this woman. 

Kevin has brought us all together for this unique gathering. Both the bike ride and Summit have room for less than 160 people so you will be able to meet the speakers and the networking here will be unparalleled. 

If you had a chance to personally meet Mother Teresa, would you go?

If you had a chance to personally meet Nelson Mandela, would you go?

You need to be there. You will shake Azra’s hand and meet the woman who will someday receive worldwide acclaim for eradicating cancer. There will be plenty of time for Q&A and deep stimulating conversations.

Come to this just like you would come to any other historic seminar. (Star Principle, Definitive AI Seminar, Rosetta Stone…) Just get on the plane and come. 

How many times in your life will you get to meet the person who’s got a realistic fighting chance to cure cancer… ask her your questions… and hear her personal story? She is a woman of steel, and she will run through walls. You need to meet Azra. You need to experience what I’ve experienced. 

Registration is $2500 $1000 discount until August 31, so the early bird registration is $1500. All proceeds go directly to Azra’s work via ReversingCancer.org.

Attend an exclusive intimate day with me and Azra Sep 23. (only 40 spots.) Then come to the Veritas Health Summit Sep 24.

Attend the Summit on Health and Wealth by 5 Masters of their craft, gifted world changing Sages, who will change your paradigms and change your life. It will be eye-opening.

Attend the Sept 23-24, 2023 event with Perry & Azra.
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