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Evolution 2.0

Supplemental bonus material for buyers of the new book Evolution 2.0: Breaking The Deadlock Between Darwin and Design

  • The arms race between invaders and your body when you get the flu
  • How to apply the evolutionary Swiss Army Knife to business problems (an in-depth presentation that will fascinate all business people, especially marketers – from a $2500 one-day seminar at Boardroom Inc., Stamford Connecticut)
  • In the heat of debate: How you can easily defeat militant opponents in hand-to-hand online combat
  • Technology prize as alternative to traditional research funding
  • Stem cell specialist Robert Lanza, MD, explains “biocentrism” — the principle of consciousness first, matter second
  • Evolution inspired systematic creativity tools for “Innovation On Demand”
  • Fractals, the Golden Ratio, and the Mathematics of DNA
  • Junk DNA, RIP 1972–2012
  • Young earth vs. old earth: Does YEC simply “interpret the data differently”?
  • Christian college prof: “What I say when my students struggle with evolution” – and a new theology of evolution
  • Biomimetics—How to steal nature’s secrets and apply them in human technology
  • Dr. Denis Noble of Oxford University describes post-Darwinian, post-Dawkins evolution

You’ll also hear about virtual and in-person live events around the world. Register now and join me on the journey!

Perry Marshall

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About the Business Bonuses!

Evolution is not just a scientific theory or religious argument. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that you can apply to real-world business problems – NOW.

The book Evolution 2.0 comes with a set of highly valuable business bonuses as well. Their purpose is to import the latest evolutionary thinking into business and marketing.

Inside the book you’ll get links to an online supplement. This includes several hours of carefully curated material which connects biology to business.

-I held a $3000 3-day seminar in Maui Hawaii, the Google AdWords Elite Master’s Summit. People traveled from across the globe, from North America, Israel, Australia, Japan and the UK. We live streamed the first two hours and charged $1000 per head just to remotely attend that 2-hour video segment.

The first and most valuable hour from the entire Maui conference is included here as a bonus for Evolution 2.0 buyers, FREE. It will transform your understanding of marketing.

We apply geometric models from biology and evolution to solve some of the most difficult marketing problems in the world. It overturns 120 years of direct marketing ‘holy writ.’

Participants said this first hour was worth the cost of the seminar and the inconvenience of travel all by itself.

Because it’s based on enduring principles of biology (and not technology fads), this talk is the only talk from the seminar that’s still just as valid TODAY as it was the day it was delivered.

-Brian Kurtz of Boardroom Inc. held a $2500 1-day seminar in Stamford Connecticut. I was the featured speaker, and the central concept was evolutionary ideas applied to business.

In the Member’s Area you’ll find a video of one of the best sessions of the conference: How to apply the Evolution 2.0 Swiss Army Knife to solving business problems.

-I delivered a program called “Evolutionary Sales Story” which is a method of systematic creativity for advertising, storytelling, plot structure in writing, hook delivery, and a way to pivot fast when something isn’t working or stops working – again and again and again. The Evolution 2.0 bonuses include that complete program as well.

These bonuses were, in the past, sold for hundreds or thousands of dollars. But combined with the book Evolution 2.0 and your study and attention, your business can benefit from these discoveries. Not just someday, but this week – maybe even today.