From Creationist to Evolution 2.0

My Journey from Young Earth Creation to 21st Century Evolution

Dear Science Lover:

When I was 14 years old, a renowned Young Earth Creationist, Dr. John C. Whitcomb, visited my church, where my dad was a pastor.

Dr. Whitcomb was an evangelist of the Young Earth Creation movement. He and Henry Morris pioneered what is known as “Flood Geology.”

Whitcomb insisted that all the modern features of the earth, including the Grand Canyon and millions of layers of sediment, can be elegantly explained by Noah’s worldwide catastrophic flood.

I LOVED it. Ate it up. The science stuff was FAR more interesting than the usual sermon stuff.

In fact, Dr. Whitcomb came back every night for a week. My teenage mind enjoyed a veritable geek feast. Mr. Whitcomb told us about the failings of Carbon 14 dating, the follies of evolution and the errors of “millions of years.”

It was great….

…until the veneer started to wear thin.

Eventually I found out that not just some of it, but MOST of it, was flat out wrong.

Some parts were just wishful thinking. Other parts deserved an honorable mention.

And some of it, outright fraudulent.

This was just the first step of a very long journey. Dogged pursuit of the truth where the evidence forced me to change my mind… then change it again… then change it AGAIN.

WARNING: No matter what position you take on the evolution spectrum, whether you’re a die-hard creationist or a card-carrying atheist… regular guy or PhD scientist… something I say will probably offend you.

I will challenge long-held beliefs and terrorize sacred cows.

This will shake your conceptions of the world. It will rock your assumptions about God, nature, creation, and evolution.

If you’re thin skinned or don’t want that, you should leave right now.

But if you’re ready to have your beliefs challenged – and to explore some fascinating science that hardly anyone talks about (including evolution experiments that fire-breathing atheists hate to discuss!) you’ve come to the right place.

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From Creationist to Evolution 2.0:
My Journey from Young Earth Creation to 21st Century Evolution