How You and I Can Solve Cancer in Our Lifetime

Today if you’re diagnosed with Stage 3 or Stage 4 cancer, your chances of surviving are no better than if you lived in 1930.

The War on Cancer, declared 50 years ago, has largely been a Failure. $250 billion spent for scant improvement.


At this very moment, world class researchers at Columbia, Tufts, M.D. Anderson and Johns Hopkins are detecting cancer at “Stage Negative One” and even reversing cancer once it has started. The resources that are available to solve cancer are light years beyond the slash, poison and burn methods that are presented to most people.

Hi, my name is Perry Marshall. I’m the author of bestselling books ranging from Google advertising to Ethernet to Evolution. In 2019, a group of eminent scientists asked me to help them organize a conference for cancer researchers.

I said yes.

I had no idea what I was about to witness. 21st century solutions as well as infuriating obstacles beyond anything I ever anticipated.

Today I’d like to tell you the untold story of these “Blue Chip Renegades” – doctors, oncologists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists who are re-thinking and re-inventing cancer research from the outside in.

If your mom, dad, sister, brother, child, colleague or closest friend has endured the terror, the personal sacrifices, radiation, chemo, emaciation, hair loss and financial devastation of cancer…

…you need to hear this story.


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