The 50-Year Anniversary of the War on Cancer: A Report from the Front Lines

50 Years of Futility

Why We’re Losing the War on Cancer…and How We Can Win

A Report from the Front Lines

December 21, 2021 was the 50th Anniversary of Richard Nixon’s declaration of “War on Cancer.”

While the mainstream media may be full of stories of all the progress that’s been made, don’t believe the hype.

If you’re diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, you’re no better off than you were in the 1930s!

Don’t believe the NIH. Don’t believe the US government. Don’t believe Big Pharma.

Who should you believe?

Dr. Azra Raza

Oncologist Dr Azra Raza has been on the frontlines of the war on cancer for almost the entire battle.

Her book “The First Cell” shows how we can detect cancer at Stage Negative One…and is a scorching indictment of the war on cancer.

And she knows how corrupt and broken the “cancer industry” is.

“Last summer I asked her “Azra, is the cancer industry as corrupt as I think it is?”

Without missing a beat she replied, “Worse.”

They’ve got the wrong definition of cancer.

 They’re using the wrong definition of evolution (if they even think about evolution at all)

 Their ‘war on cancer’ has been as successful as Vietnam.

 They extend a patient’s life by a mere 4 weeks and Wall Street pays them a billion dollars. They do victory laps while patients just suffer longer from their treatments.

People who are unquestionably doing breakthrough research that works can’t get a dime.

90% of the money gets poured into the abyss of late stage cancer even though

90% of the results come from early detection.

Early detection companies get bought by chemo companies because chemo is more profitable.

Somebody’s got to do something about this.

The government is not going to solve this…The universities are not going to solve this…The FDA, the NIH, the CDC and the FTC aren’t going to solve it.

How can people like you and me solve it?

We talked about all this and more on. Click the video above to watch.