The Podcast

September 5, 2018 Conflict Thesis and the War Between Science and Religion with Historian Ted Davis
Did people in the Middle Ages believe the Earth was flat? Were Christians the enemy of Copernicus? Are science and religion enemies? Dr. Ted Davis, professor of the history of science and religion tells us the real story.
June 22, 2018 Evolution 2.0 Highly Abridged – Introduction
The Young Earth Creationist and His Curious Daughter. Dinner with my friend Bob, a Young Earth Creationist, and his 12 year old daughter Melanie takes a peek at how evolution really works.
June 21, 2018 Evolution 2.0: Highly Abridged – The Road To Code
What we know about codes has sweeping implications for not only science but philosophy and religion as well. We define terms and make clear who should read this book, and who will likely be too offended to bother reading it.
June 20, 2018 Evolution 2.0: Highly Abridged – Ch#1 Bro, I’m Losing My Religion
In four years, my younger brother Bryan went from seminary grad and missionary in China to the doorstep of atheism - and he was dragging me with him. This was an earthquake for everyone in my family, because we’re pastor’s kids.
June 19, 2018 Evolution 2.0: Highly Abridged – Ch#2 Evolution: Truth Or Fiction
Because I’m an Electrical Engineer, I decided to let science decide this for me: Does nature really point us to atheism? Or does science favor faith? Darwinian theory is consistently challenged by doctors and engineers. Does that mean the engineers know something the biologists don’t? Or do the biologists know...
June 18, 2018 Evolution 2.0: Highly Abridged – Ch#3 Confessions Of A Science Geek
My first business was building stereo equipment and I was selling my brand in a retail store when I was 17. Later I worked in manufacturing, acoustics, and digital networking. What does engineering tell us about evolution?
June 17, 2018 Evolution 2.0: Highly Abridged – Ch#4 Pity The Fruit Fly: Testing Randomness
100 years ago, biologists discovered they could generate DNA mutations with radiation, which was easy to do. They were excited because they believed they could now accelerate evolution. They tried experiments with fruit flies for decades. They learned a great deal about which genes perform certain functions… but as far...
June 16, 2018 Evolution 2.0: Highly Abridged – Ch#5 Eureka! Information. Theory!
I had a huge epiphany when I realized that everything I knew about 1s and 0s as a communication engineer applied to DNA. This sliced through a LOT of nonsense a lot of people were spouting about evolution. It also indicated who I could safely listen to and what I...
June 15, 2018 Evolution 2.0: Highly Abridged – Ch#8 Code First, Evolution Second
A friend accidentally meets the inventor of digital imaging in an Oregon coffee shop, and the world’s first digital photo is Russell Kirsch’s son Walden in 1957. This sparks insight into the early history of life.
June 14, 2018 Evolution 2.0: Highly Abridged – Ch#11 Blade#1: Transposition
Barbara McClintock discovered corn plants can re-program their own DNA in 1944. But her colleagues thought she was crazy so she took her work underground for 20 years. But she won the Nobel Prize in 1983. Turns out nearly every cell in existence can cut, splice, and re-arrange its DNA...