Invite Perry Marshall to Speak to Your Organization

Perry Marshall speaks about evolution and science to a broad spectrum of audiences – from universities and scientific societies, to business and technology groups, to religious organizations, as well as many podcasts, radio and TV programs. The following are some of Perry’s past speaking engagements. References and speaking fees available upon request.

Scientific & Technical
Penn State University, Department of Electrical Engineering, November 2018
Appreciation Letter from Penn State
Arizona State University’s BEYOND Center for Fundamental Questions in Science, hosted by physicist Paul Davies, August 2017
American Scientific Affiliation, Annual Conference, Tulsa, Oklahoma July 2015
American Scientific Affiliation, Annual Conference, Colorado School of Mines, Golden Colorado, July 2017
Christian Scientific Society, Seattle, Washington, November 2015
IN5 Innovation Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 2016
Applied Science University, Sitra, Kingdom of Bahrain, May 2016

Corporate & Business
Lucent Technologies / Bell Labs, Lisle Illinois, April 2007, September 2007 & April 2011
Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business, Chicago Illinois, November 2017
Economic Comeback Seminar, London, United Kingdom, September 2010
Maui Elite Master’s Summit, Maui, Hawaii March 2011
Rainmaker Alchemist Seminar, Schaumburg Illinois September 2012
Entrepreneur Intensive, Bangkok, Thailand, December 2014
New Renaissance Mastermind, Crowley, UK, November 2016
Legatum Institute, London, United Kingdom, December 2015

Television, Radio & Film
WTVR Richmond Virginia, featured on “Hello Virginia,” December 2015
Unbelievable? debates on UK Premier Christian Radio February 2009, January 2016 and February 2017

Religious Organizations
Reasons To Believe Chicago, Wheaton Illinois, April 2005, June 2010, March 2016
Willow Creek Community Church, South Barrington Illinois, June 2005
The Gathering, Nashville, Tennessee, August 2007
Heaven In Business, Bethel Church, Redding California, August 2015
Grace Church of DuPage, Warrenville Illinois November 2014
Apologetics Seminar, Christ Church Oak Brook, Oak Brook, Illinois, July 2016
Infinite ROI Summit, Chicago, Illinois, September 2016