New Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God

Today I introduce to you one of the most powerful science presentations I have ever heard.

I listened to Hugh Ross give this presentation on a tape while I was driving down Interstate 88 in Chicago one night.  As I listened, light bulbs were firing off in my head all over the place.

So what’s the big deal about this?  Here’s what you’ll discover as you listen:

-The delicate balance of vast forces in the universe, necessary for life to exist

-Why planet earth is so extremely special in its ability to support life

-The very measurement of the entire universe in all its magnificence, made possible only within the last 15 years

-A fascinating place where science and theology come together in perfect agreement

Now there’s one more thing I want to tell you about this talk: It was recorded in 1994.

Now why would I give you something called “New Scientific Evidence” if it’s more than 15 years old?

Here’s why: Because unlike most things that old–with only a couple of exceptions, the information Hugh Ross shares here has been shown to be even *more* accurate today than it was back then.

One of the hallmarks of a successful scientific model is that it holds up for years and even decades, even while scholars debate it.  I’ve been following Dr. Ross and his work, and virtually every fact he discusses here has been further strengthened and validated by all the physics and astronomy discoveries in the years since.

On this link you’ll find both the audio recording and the printed transcript.  You can read it online, print it out, listen on your computer, burn it to a CD, or download this to your iPod.  Go here now:


Perry Marshall

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  1. Ross says:

    Dear Perry,

    Thank you for the introduction and in a general sense I am aware of these comments regarding the “creation” of the universe as scientists have revealed and they make a nonsense of the biblical theory which had been propagated by ignorant clerics as fact. Sadly and despite the evidence to the contrary, such ignorance still manifests itself today.

    I don’t know the purpose behind your proposed explanations but I have always been interested in astronomy and how the universe started and the reason why? As a young boy I was very interested in religion and indeed still am and I read all the bible stories; I suppose for the same reasons that I read all Grimms fairytales and the stories of Hans Christian Andersen; they are “rattling good yarns”.

    However my belief in the existence of God started to waned when I was about 5/6 years old, roughly about the same time as I realised that Santa Claus was a figment of childhood dreams and not as my parents had portrayed. But that realisation did not in any way diminish my love for bible stories or fairy stories, I simply realised, without anyone’s help or influence that they could not be true.

    All the evidence I have discovered and read over the past 52 years reinforces my scepticism about all religions. It would be nice to believe that there was a God as described in the bible, but there isn’t a scrap of evidence to support such a contention.

    • I would like to respectfully disagree with that. Let’s start with really simple stuff… If you read Genesis chapter 1 with two assumptions:

      (1) “day” is a period of time
      (2) the story is told from an earthly vantage point

      Let’s look a little closer at the first chapter of Genesis:

      1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

      If you open any commentary from any period of time in the last 3000 years you’ll see pages of commentary on this one verse. In 10 words it makes a number of profound statements:

      1. Time has a beginning. 2. God is outside of time. 3. The heavens and the earth come into existence at that point in time. 4. “Heavens and earth” in Hebrew refers to *everything.*

      This was scoffed at before Einstein and the big bang. But modern physics now shows that time does in fact have a discrete beginning, and that the causal agent of the universe by definition has to be outside of space and time.

      No other ancient religion even comes close to such a straightforward, accurate statement about the origin of the universe. And only verified within the last 100 years by modern science and really the last 20 years.

      2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

      The Point Of View has been established as being on the earth, not omniscient. We are seeing what follows from the perspective of what we would see on the surface of the earth. And if we go with that assumption then everything we see in Genesis 1 matches modern physics and astronomy, tit for tat. Oh, and by the way when it says “the spirit of God was hovering over the waters” – the word hovering is used one other time, it refers to an Eagle protecting her young.

      We know that life began suddenly and inexplicably in the ocean ~3.8 billion years ago, following a very violent (“hadean”) period. Again, matches what we know exactly.

      3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good, and He separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.

      Again if this is how things appear from the earth’s surface then it squares with what any physics book would tell you, that the atmosphere was cloudy and dark and eventually cleared. The word “day” in Hebrew means “period of time.”

      I want to focus special attention on what happens next:

      11 Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so. 12 The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.

      14 And God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years, 15 and let them be lights in the expanse of the sky to give light on the earth.” And it was so. 16 God made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars. 17 God set them in the expanse of the sky to give light on the earth, 18 to govern the day and the night, and to separate light from darkness. And God saw that it was good. 19 And there was evening, and there was morning—the fourth day.

      Notice that light already existed, and that plants and trees have also begun to appear.

      Now on “day” four, the sky, which was previously opaque, becomes transparent. The sun and moon which already shed their light are now distinctly visible. The word “made” here in Hebrew does not mean “created for the first time” but something more like “appointed.” So it’s not until the fourth “day” that the text directly speaks of days, seasons and years. You can’t insist that “day” means 24 hours, because 24 hour days are not even referred to until “day” four.

      Then we see birds and fish; then land animals and then man; all of which need the visibility of the sun in order to regulate their life cycles.

      The order of events has matched modern science all the way. This story matches modern physics, the big bang and the fossil record tit for tat. Every bit of it.

      I think that’s pretty impressive for being 3500 years old, written by nomads in the desert.

      How did a band of ancient mystics and wanderers just happen to get all this right? Is it reasonable to assume that they just got lucky? How many different orders could those events have been described? One chance in millions to get it right and they nailed it.

      Perry Marshall

      • David says:

        Perry, have you read any of Dr. Gerald Schroeder’s books on reconciling Genesis 1 with the Big Bang account? He explains that the 6 twenty-four hour days of Genesis 1 and the first 13-14 billion years of our universe are both literally one in the same time frame. It’s just that when the universe was still very small, time flowed much faster than it does today…. MUCH faster. In fact, as Dr. Schroeder points out, the first 7-8 billion years of time – from our current perspective – flowed SO fast that it could easily fit into one of our current 24-hour days. So when the Bible says that Day One saw the creation of the heavens and the earth, it means it in the most literal sense. If you look at each of the 6 days, each containing half as much cosmic time as the day before, and overlay it on the (relatively) recently discovered epochs of geologic and biologic history, they match almost perfectly! In fact, Dr. Schroeder has all the numbers for this: we know the temperature at which energy condenses into matter is a trillion (1,000,000,000,000) times hotter than the average temperature of the universe today. The universe is roughly 14,000,000,000 years old (from our perspective, looking back). Divide 14 bil. by 1 tril, it works out to .014. Take 365 days in a year, times .014 = 5.11 days. Dr. S. speculates that we may not even be at the end of day 6 yet. Or the slight discrepancy may be due to the fact that the time in this equation was measured from the moment of condensation of matter out of energy which would not account for the time before then, from the actual moment of the Big Bang.

        Anyway, if you haven’t read any of his books, “The Science of God” is an excellent one to start with. I would really like to read your comments on it.

        • David,

          I have this book, I read it quite some time ago. I like his work very much. Without digging it out I’d have a hard time giving you a bunch of specific comments. But yes I think he has done a very good job of harmonizing Genesis 1 with modern cosmology and I recommend it.


      • Richard says:

        Mr. Perry,

        I respect everyones views on this forum and am on a teeter totter of both sides but am deep enough person to agree with both sides as well. So forgive me if my questions sound as if I am one sided. You mentioned the 3500 year old nomads. Is it right to think we were less reasonably thinking humanbeings back then and could not logically and creatively come up with a book of written history that came out to be what we believe us accurate. What were the odds that we could fly into space and land on the moon. May not have been right on the first attempt but we did it. Who is to say that this group of nomads wandering the desert didn’t come up with stories to entertain themselves and talk as we do today as well as reason with each other about who and why we are. And logically translate a history of how they think it all happened. ( sometimes I feel like I speak in tungs because I try to explain several different points in one sentence). Anyway as humans we can be great story tellers, and scam artists. I have been fooled and I have fooled other people. In this day and age you’d think one or the other would be the wiser but were not. Someone could go out right now with credibility on there side and say “hey I have found new evidence to say it’s not god and it’s not evolution it’s a third party more unfathomable than anything ever dug up or written. Ask yourself how many followers that person would have and even if they were proven wrong ( much like theologist and atheists are today) how many followers or others would still research and believe them? Food for thought from a not so educated guy. Thank you mr Perry I will continue to follow your writtings and others and maybe hopefully before I pass on I will have made a choice on who or what to believe.


      • John B. says:

        So who created god?

        • bhikshu says:

          Question: who created GOD

          Ans: We get the answer in the first religious HYM of Sh. Gurunanak. which means

          HE is ONE.
          HIS last known form is a sound OM.
          HE only is the TRUTH (HE was and shall always be there)
          HE is the KARTA or THE DOER( MALE)
          HE doesnt fear any body
          HE doesnt hate any body
          HE is BEYOND TIME
          HE has no father or mother
          HE is SELF SUSTAINED
          HE can be achieved with the help of GURU



          • roger drake says:

            Hi bhisku, Where did you get your name? From your parents right. You quoted some religious reference to WHERE GOD CAME FROM. You have a linage- God does not. Listen, if you or I could understand God or try to comprehend him we would be equal to God. One thing is for sure you and I will meet him face to face one day and he is going to ask us WHY SHOULD I LET YOU INTO MY HEAVEN. There’s only one answer that will work! God is from the beginning. He is the great I AM. He had no beginning. That’s what his word says. Start reading God’s word- the Holy Bible. Do you need proof that God actually wrote throw the men who scribed the Bible?

      • Tavi says:

        Dear Perry,

        I wish you allow this message to be posted on your site, thank you.
        Many of us believe that Jesus was only a prophet and that all those miracles performed by him were fairytales. We all know that perceiving five senses and only three dimensions none of us can perform miracles, that’s why many of us are not believing the stories from the Bible. I believe that Jesus perceived more than five senses and more than 3 dimensions and because of that I believe He was able to perform miracle, miracles that were seen and witness by those who were by Him. The reason He appeared 2000 years ago in His planitude, is to show to the posterity the great future of Mankind…

        Now we all can perform a pseudo-miracle with only our five senses and help a four years old Romanian girl who was born blind, she can’t hear or speak and also she has a hole in her heart. Her young mother (her father run away) does not have the 50000 Euro to pay for the surgery and according to the doctors it is posible for them to remove the girl’s eyes cataract and restore her sight, also a special hearing device could be manufactured to help her hear. We all can help this lovely little girl perceive our World like most of us do and I checked all the data and her story is not a scame.

        Here is the Romanian site with the girl’s picture
        and the bank account ( Bank of Transilvania) were the donations can be sent to help her mom pay for surgeries and more: RO57BTRL00504205i98626xx Banca Transilvania from city Oradea, Romania and with the mention for the girl Denisa Pantelie

        On my Myspace site I also added to my pictures folder a poster I made with her lovely face and other info. I just sent a couple of hundreds of dollars using the Western Union and the email of one of the ladies from that Romanian site that help the children: Lavinia Catrinar email [email protected] (city Oradea, Romania)

        Godspeed, lots of love Octavian

      • beagle says:

        Genesis only matches scientific understanding of the origins of the universe if you ‘massage’ the text extensively. For example, assuming that ‘day’ did not refer to an actual day, but an undisclosed length of time. The order of events seems reasonably logical from a human perspective, and indeed science confirms a logical order to the ‘creation’ of the world. But the details in Genesis do not bear scrutiny if you ponder them for long enough.

        According to Genesis, the earth was created first, before anything else in the universe. But somehow, the earth had ‘waters’. The notion that liquid water could have existed before the creation of the sun is also very hard to believe! How was the eath ‘fixed’ in space, without a sun to orbit?

        Light is created before the sun and stars, which are its only known source. Plants are created before the sun and stars too – how did they photosynthesise? Plants also need seasonal and day and night cycles in order to regulate their growth pattern, and insects to pollinate them, which have also yet to be created.

        At what point did God create bacteria? We know they were around long before the plants. Plants were not the first form of life, not even the first complex form of life.

        I’m not saying Genesis is ‘wrong’, just that it is scientifically innaccurate. As of course we should expect it to be, as much of the research which underpins our current scientific understanding is comparitively recent. If Genesis has a truth, it is a sort of poetic truth to be understood in the context of early Judaism. And yes, it is a more ‘plausible’ sounding creation myth than many others – a testament to the reasoning faculties of the Jewish people!

        My favourite creation myth is the Chinese philosopher Daodejing’s account:

        ‘There was something featureless yet complete, born before heaven and earth; Silent – amorphous – it stood alone and unchanging. We may regard it as the mother of heaven and earth. Not knowing its name, I style it the “Way.” ‘

        This is a very neat analogy with the singularity which the big bang theory alludes to! Of course to say that Daodejing had some sort of special insight that allowed him to foresee 20th century cosmological science would be ridiculous (yet you seem to want to claim the same for the writers of Genesis!)

        • Beagle,

          All the “massaging” one needs is to assume a day is a period of time and that the story is told from a terrestrial point of view. Given that the Hebrew word “yom” (translated ‘day’) has several different meanings depending on context, then that’s not much massaging at all. Interestingly, with only those two assumptions, Genesis 1 matches modern cosmology and the fossil record exactly.

 – the q&a at the end.

        • MattithYah says:

          It’s not about massaging the text but about looking at every word and understanding it’s full meaning and how it relates to the text, and this should be common knowledge amongst believers as the Jews have been doing it for centuries, i.e. Maimonides and Nachmanides. To me Hebrew was the perfect language for the Tanakh since the words have many meanings, usually related to some extent, and have a root word base which facilitates understanding. I think Craig Winn’s Genesis account in his book Yada Yahweh is a great look at each word in Genesis as it determines the words from a scientific, historical, prophetic and spiritual perspective. I can’t help but believe Genesis 1 to be the perfect opening chapter to the Bible, it’s seriously deep. If only Christians and Atheists would look below the surface!!!

          The opening line of Genesis relates to the fact God created it all, like a heading to an article. It doesn’t mean the earth came first because Scripture cleary says it had no form as of yet, which is true from a scientific perspective: the atom-sized “thing” at the moment of the Big Bang contained everything required to form this magnificent universe. After it “exploded,” whatever you want to say happened, photons were released when electrons bonded to atomic nuclei, in other words light literally separated from darkness, hence Genesis was right. Day 2 is concerning the formation of our galaxy and solar system, the sun, earth, moon and stars. Day 3 is concerning the earth cooling, and water pooling together which was almost immediately followed by early plant life, Genesis was right again. Day 4 says the sun, moon, and stars began visible in the Hebrew, it doesn’t say they were created, like Atheists and too many Christians think it says. After some 3 billion years of photosynthesis from bacteria and photosynthetic algae sufficient oxgyen turned the once translucent atmosphere transparent. Day 5 life begins in the waters on the earth, and swarm there first before making its way to land to become “gadowl tannyin,” aka great reptiles, and winged insects. Day 6 doesn’t need to mention the asteroid that almost wiped out all animal life but mammals were given the opportunity to flourish, from which mankind would eventually take his place on earth. Genesis has been right all alone. Adam and Eve weren’t the first humans, but they were the first humans given the Breath of Life, being able to connect to God.

          But we must remember, this is the story of man’s salvation, the gift of eternal life Yahweh has given to those who choose to be with Him so it’s not supposed to be a scientific document but should be seen as the introduction to God’s Word. So in a spiritual sense, the first thing a must must do in order to receive salvation is recognise that Yahweh created the earth and heavens. Then a person must recognise that there’s a difference between light and darkness, for example the work of Yahshua on the cross (upright pole in Hebrew), the difference between good and evil. Then a person would need to be born via God’s Spirit, the Living Waters, in order for them to become spiritually alive and produce fruit. Etc. Etc. In other words, not only does Genesis give us some science but it also lays down the path of salvation that one must take in order to enter God’s rest. Genesis 1 is incredibly deep. Each day also relates to each millennium since Adam’s fall until Yahshua’s return, “1 day is as a 1000 years,” for example Yahshua was born towards the end of the 4th millennium (the 5th starting in 33CE), and the sun (the greater light, the source of light) appeared during the 4th Day of creation. In 2 Peter 3:3-10 we’re told that the separation of waters (our solar system) in the 2nd Day of creation correlates to Noah’s flood (regional, not global, due to Hebrew word meanings) which occured in the 2nd millennium since Adam’s fall. Genesis also confirms God’s 6+1 timeline for the period of man walking in sin (Adam’s sin to Yahshua’s return, followed by 1000 years of His peaceful reign) and given the opportunity of eternal life.

          Oh, by the way, even in English the word “day” is not specifically related to a 24 hour period, for example “in Napoleon’s day” refers to the era in which Napoleon lived.

        • ron taylor says:

          It seems ludicrous to expect the honorable Moses , author of the most ancient record of the creation – Genesis , to give an account of the creation that would satisfy contemporary scientific rigor . Denigrating the venerable Genesis does not elevate any modern scientific version of the creation to a more exalted historical status .

    • Kevin says:

      One of the biggest road blocks to any type of intelligent understanding and discussion is when you diliberately bring into the conversation such derogatory terminology such as Grimm’s Fairytales and Hans Christian Andersen Fables. They usually are meant in a condecending way of a put down and I’ve heard these terms over and over again from the more popular Evolutionism vrs Creationism forums. Most of these expressions have been parroted off many of the more militant religio-philosophical Atheistic websites and do nothing to keep the tone of the discussion civil, although and mind you, I have always found Perry does an excellent job there. It could equally be said that Anthropologists and Paleontologists are likewise some of our world’s best fiction writers and have created volumes of material for which Hollywood has been greatful. Now do you see why that approach stifles conversation ???

      I perhaps can agree with your obsevation about religious clergy as misrepresenting many facts of the Bible and not being the best of examples throughout history. Personally I have long believed since the late 1960s in an older Earth/Universe existance. I have believed this way based on what the Bible really says and long before I’ve ever heard of a Hugh Ross which believe it or not was only early 2008. Although I believe in creation , I am by no means a “Creationist” or believe in “Creationism”. Creationism is the phraze coined as a result of that religio-political pressure group movement back in the late 1970s and early 1980s who lost that court case in Arkansas to have their version of truth pushed in public schools. Unfortunately the term sticks with anyone who believes in Biblical creation account of Genesis.

      The main problem today is that science has taken over the cause of authority and usurping that authority away from the Catholic Church for persecuting anyone who they deem as thinking outside of their box of truth and understanding. This is not necessarily limited to religious folks who believe in Genesis , but also many non-believer scientists (Viktor Schauberger for one) who have observed natural phenomena in nature for which the accepted Marxist explanations offer no satisfying answers. Hence these ones who write their findings and explain things which go contrary to the accepted conventional thinking of the day are just as equally demonized by the intellectual leadership in science. Sadly, I’m finding that science has very little field observational work now a days. Most seems to be accomplished at lans in universities, internet researching and discussion forums.

      So rather than the usual frontal assault approach taken by the majority, why not heed the advice mentioned at Proverbs 18:13 which says, “When anyone is replying to a matter before he hears it, that is foolishness on his part and a humiliation.” The beauty of such advice is that you don’t have to be a believer to get the point.

  2. michael says:

    the history of science is one of mistaken calculations, often updated
    because they are wrong.
    god may create space, yet we may come up short in interpretation,
    therefore how much faith can one have in the quest to marry god to
    manmade inquiry.

    best regards michael,

    walton on the naze ,england

    • Richard says:

      I agree Michael,

      there are so many miscalculations on both sides. For each question there’s an explanation for every explanation there’s a question. I find myself wanting to be apart of it and also find myself sitting back and watching the battles take place. I think the answers are in the places were not looking. Example: I tell my daughter or son to go find something that i need, a few minutes later they come back empty handed. I give a little more detailed information and they come back something similar. I get up and come back with what I need and it took a fraction of the time and I was right the first time. Does this make my kids stupid?…no…they just lacked the knowledge that they needed to find what I wanted them to. With time and knowledge I believe they would have found it right away. Much like today, were not stupid we just are lacking the maturity(in age of humankind) and knowledge to see god or see that it’s evolution. We are just looking in the wrong places. Were in the right vacinity. Time will tell I guess

      keep looking for answers.
      respectfully. Rick

  3. Jason says:

    You do know that plant life can’t survive without sunlight, correct? So if plants were around for this period of a “day” (which you seem to interpret to be a long period of time), they would have died out because of the lack of sunlight, preventing photosynthesis.

    You said: “The order of events has matched modern science all the way. This story matches modern physics, the big bang and the fossil record tit for tat. Every bit of it.”

    So the earth was created before the sun and the rest of the universe, this is somehow in accordance with modern astronomy?

    • Jason,

      Regarding the reading of verse 14, which is “day” four: Notice that light already existed (it had been there since day 1), and that plants and trees have also begun to appear.

      Now on “day” four, the sky, which was previously opaque, becomes transparent. The sun and moon which already shed their light are now distinctly visible. The word “made” here in Hebrew does not mean “created for the first time” but something more like “appointed.”

      We are fairly certain that the earth’s atmosphere was thick and cloudy for millions of years, and eventually cleared. So the Genesis story does match modern cosmology in this regard.

      There’s a fuller explanation in a blog comment a little further down.

  4. anton says:

    I didn’t receive part 3 and 4 of Where Did the Universe Come From?

  5. Magnum Quest says:

    Greetings Perry,

    This is a wonderful blog. Perhaps such blogs have become a necessity in our modern times of growing disbelief around the world. Having spent years debating Atheists on the existence of God and necessity for organized religion, I have learned that it is fruitless to try and combat disbelief using a ‘Holy Book’ as the literal rendition of God’s actual words. Going from a skeptical scientist to a believer in the literal words of God is not an easy transition. A general reading of the Holy Books of the three major religions today shows that God, if He exists, has requested only one thing from his creation since the beginning of time. Believe in Him. In my honest opinion, you would see much more converts to Theism if you remove any mention of the Bible. Once people find God, and pray to Him, He will guide them to the books. As Jesus Christ said ‘Seek, and ye shall find’.

    There is an abundance of material (both on the web, and documentaries) showing how a large group of Christian scientists themselves believe that Bible has been a victim of political influence by people, both in its text and interpretation. Due to this material, it’s very hard for a skeptic to take anything else you say seriously. It’s like if you start a very good topic by saying ‘Gay’s should be killed’. Even if the rest of your argument is very good, you would’ve effectively pushed away a majority of your readership just by starting at a controversy.

    From the Bible itself we know that ‘You can not guide those misguided by God, and you can not misguide those guided by God’ So the key ingredient is belief in God. The rest is done through God’s just and merciful will. All we need to do is bring people towards God.

    Best Regards,
    -Magnum Quest

    • If people don’t like the Bible that is their decision. The fact that the timeline of the Biblical creation story matches modern physics and astronomy speaks for itself. The fact that the description of the creation of the universe and time matches the Biblical worldview speaks for itself.


    • satyavolu says:

      Dear Mr.Perry Marshall,
      I have been reading your kind e-mail postings on the existanace of GOD.They are really facianating and enthralling.I am a thiest to the core and your information on new and emerging astrophysics and its gathering of ever incresing evidence of THE CREATOR are amazing.I only submit to you most respectfully,that as said in the lecture you kindly provided to day,that the fact that GOD is the creator of time or beyond space time etc. has not only been in THE HOLY BIBLE but also in THE HOLY BHAGAVAT GEETA of the Hindus,wherein GOD HIMSELF nerrates how he created this universe and many more such.In the VEDAS wich were said to be more than 5000 years old,that the Universe is in the beggining ,in the form of an egg which they called BRAHMA ANDA -The egg of GOD.If you kindly explore such explanatios in other religions also you will find the same truth.I personally feel that every religion has its philosophy and dogma and the philosophy is same everywhere.Thank You and Regards
      Gunneswararao Satyavolu

  6. ejimadu ekezie says:

    What are the meeting point between science and theology? I want you to elucidate on this issue with emperical examples.

  7. Noel James says:

    Light is enregy. all forms of matter consist of atoms, and energy holds the atoms together. Atomic power can be a destructive force, as in an atomic bomb, or a productive force, as in the generation of electricity. Uder normal conditions, the power of the atom does not escape with the force of a bomb or an atomic power plant. But we are almost constantly experiencing atomic power in the form of light energy.
    When an atom absorbs energy from an outside source, such as from heat, its energy level increases. as the asorbed energy is used up, the atom’s activity level may drop back to normal. In the process it may release a small bundle of energy. You see that small bundle as light. What we see as light occurs when the atom is losing energy. The process of gaining and losing energy happens so rapidly that we see it as a continuous flow of light, but light actually consist of pulses or waves of energy.
    The level of atomic activity causes the different colors of light that we see. higher levels of atomic activity produces blue photons- short wavelengths. lower levels of atomic activity create photons that have long wavelenghts and appear to us as red.
    when Jesus said “Let there be light,” He was literally describing the energy of of creation, atomic energy, for that is light.

  8. Noel James says:

    The reason for my previous comment was to establish my reasoning that the sun did not have to be present on the first day of creation for there to be light on earth. An umnipotent God is not limited to our way of reasoning. But my view allows me to believe what the bible say, Namely; the sun moon ans stars were created on the fourth day of creation week.

    • Noel,

      You are welcome to adopt that interpretation of the Bible if you wish, but I would like you to consider a different interpretation.

      The Hebrew word for “made” (asah) refers to an action completed in the past. Thus, the verse is correctly rendered “God had made” rather than “God made.” This indicates God “had made” the Sun, Moon and stars earlier than the fourth “day.” (More info here.)

      If we adopt that interpretation and we assume (just as modern cosmology tells us) that the early earth was covered with a thick layer of clouds which later became clear, then “day 4” is when the sun and moon became visible, but light actually first appeared on the earth on “day 1.”

      Notice there is also “day and night” already in verse 5.

      Additional point about the verb “made” (asah) in verse 16. Asah means to fabricate or fashion something, different from the Hebrew verb “create” (bara) used elsewhere in Genesis 1. Bara means to bring forth something brand new by divine fiat.

      Augustine said, “God wrote two books, scripture and the book of nature.” If we adopt this particular interpretation, then everything above makes sense; both books are in harmony; and we do not have to assume that modern scientists are lying to us.

      Which is a great relief, because I am quite convinced the astronomers are telling the truth. In fact I think science and other kinds of human experience can be helpful tools in interpreting scripture.


  9. Tim Artman says:

    Dear Perry,
    I am impressed.
    For your consideration, from the website , comes the following. Understand that this is new even for Muslims, the principles described are relatively recently unveiled and the current English translations of Quran need revision. Translators tried, as in the Bible, to have their work make sense, and sometimes got it wrong. The translation shown here puts things in shockingly clear focus…. Quoted text follows…..

    Neutron stars are remnants of exploded stars. As more matter falls into a neutron star its mass increases; and as its mass increases its gravity increases. A point will be reached where gravity would have grown so much that not even light could escape, thus a black hole forms. Most neutron stars discovered today are in the form of radio pulsars. They are called radio pulsars because they emit radio waves. We can simply connect a radio telescope to a loud speaker and hear a pulsar. Pulsars sound like someone persistently knocking. (On the website you can) Click here and listen to a slow knocking pulsar. Click here and listen to a fast knocking pulsar. So in short, we can hear a pulsar knock; and if matter continues to fall into this pulsar a black hole will eventually form. Moslems say that this is what Allah says. The Quran describes a star by “The one who knocks” and says that it is “The one who makes a hole”.

    [Quran 86.1-3] And the heaven and the “Knocker” (Tarek in Arabic) How could you know about the “Knocker”? The piercing star (Thakeb in Arabic).

    The Arabic word “Thukb” means a hole; “Thakeb” means the one who makes the hole. The Quran is describing a knocking star that makes a hole. How could an illiterate man who lived 1400 years ago have known that a star could make a hole? ****end of quoted text*****

    There’s much more on the site, stunning actually.
    I have no interest in this site, just something I came across. I already believe in God, I need no further convincing.

    Thanks again Perry for your excellent reasoning. Information theory and DNA left me spellbound.

    • Simon Guerrero says:

      Yep, and there are a million other ways to interpret it. A hole, because it’s a hole in the sky, and “one who knocks” as a guiding light.

      You need no further convincing? Quite.

  10. Jason says:

    You said: “Now on “day” four, the sky, which was previously opaque, becomes transparent. The sun and moon which already shed their light are now distinctly visible”

    I’m sorry, you’re not an expert or authority on anything, so I’m not going to take your anecdotes as a statement of fact. Can you back this up with.. well… anything?

  11. Kate says:

    If God exists, as information exists, is it also true that he will judge us at the end? Do we pass into non-existence, or do we join him? Because surely, if information exists, then we are required to do something with the information that we know to keep His creation alive and He would judge us in so doing as such?

  12. Umesh says:

    Dear Perry
    I’ve few questions in my mind. Please help me solve these.
    1)What could be the speed of matter when it was thrown outwards after the 1st second of the Big Bang?
    2) Could this speed exceed speed of light? In that case the momentum of particles will have to be infinite. But whatever be the density of matter at that instant, mass of the various particles has to be finite as compared to infinite. Also as the speed of the particles is finite, momentum of the particles has to be finite.
    3) The theory of Big Bang is supported by the fact that our Universe is expanding. In the initial moments after the Big Bang, the speed of the matter thrown away has to be much greater than the present speed of expansion. On the contrary, what we are observing is that the distant galaxies are receding from us with increasing speed, more distant the galaxy more the speed of recession i.e. the distant matter is having positive acceleration. How can this be explained? Are there other forces acting on the Universal matter that we currently don’t know about? Or is our Universe still young & still reeling under the effect of the Big Bang ( though it is billions of years old), so that several billion years into the future the expansion might slow down & later on come to a halt? What could be the limit of expansion in that case?
    With Regards

    • Jim says:


      The expansion of the universe (at ever increasing rates) is a reference to the ‘fabric of the universe’. As such, you should not think of this as matter being thrown outward. Matter obeys Einstein’s E=MC^2, where at the speed of light, all matter becomes energy. The expansion of the fabric of the universe is not subject to E=MC^2, and as such, can expand faster than the speed of light.

      For an example, use the surface of a baloon as fabric of the universe. Place a bunch of dots on the baloon to represent matter. As the baloon inflates, the dots do grow somewhat, but not nearly as fast as the surface of the baloon.

      We, at this moment in cosmic history, are priviledged that we can see almost back to the beginning of the cosmos via telescopes. In the future, when the fabric of the universe expands faster than the speed of light, we’ll be able to see less of the past.

  13. Oz says:

    What is God ? Why would it need to create a universe? what is the point of all of this?

  14. Tavi says:

    Dear Perry, it makes sense what you said about Genesis. How did a band of ancient mystics and wanderers just happen to get all this right? The atheists say that the religion was invented by the ignorant people…hmm, I believe all the knowledge about God, Universe, Mankind and much more is stored in our genes, just that we get the right information in a specific form for that particular time and societies. If there are intelligent beings out there in the Universe I am sure that this knowledge is already seeded in our genes…just that we do not care about it in this very moment … we use only the knowledge and information that is specific to our World. Each cell from our body stores information about how to make a clone of us, still the cells from the kidney, neurons or skin, etc use only the information necessary to perform the tasks of their particular functions. I am sure that the science will validate the existence of God using the physics and the math equations in such a form that everybody will agree. You are one of many who try to validate the existence of God using information from both religion and science. The religion reminds us that it is possible to heal people or even bringing all those dead men to life just touching them, or just defying the laws of gravity and walk on water; It must be a truth about these too. I mean our Sun is a 3rd generation of stars since the Big Bang and in the first and second generation of stars there were not enough chimical elements to combine and re-combine to make more elements that ultimately would generate the life as we know it, maybe in the distant future the matter will evolve so much that mabye all those intelligent beings from that society will walk on water at will defying the laws of gravity, and so much more. Octavian

    • Alice says:

      Genesis is not right, it is all wrong.
      If you believe that in the beginning there were only 2 people, Adam and Eve and from them there are now almost 7 billion people, then you believe in fairy tales.

      We evolved from primates and we are in the primate tree. We are mammals just like the wale, elephant and the mouse.

      If there was a god and he created us, the homo sapiens, then he made a big mistake. We are destroying the planet and wiping out all life. We humans should be ashamed what we did and still do.

      If there was a god, he/she/it would wipe us out before this planet becomes a dead planet.

      • Aditya Kresna says:

        So what do you believe Alice? Because I don’t think this universe is a coincidence, we shall meet then at the judgement day

        • jm says:

          hi alice,

          Have you ever thought how our human nature harmonize with phisiciology .the diversity of design is overwhelming,We live now in information era,where almost every information of different culture history can be dig in and all its root will fall in genesis.

          grace to you,

  15. basharat says:

    Mr. perry as I have already asked a question but you still not answer me back that no doubt you are doing well, but there is not need to prove that God exists or other wise because there is some hidden powers who is runnign this universe. But you should clarify the composition of God, He is physical or metaphysical who He will give reward or punishiment according to deeds of the human. And his says that this unvierse was a ball lateron an explosion took place the that ball split in to infinite units and these units are still breaking its body and spliting in more pieces. as we say that “every moment change is a permanence” it will continue til dooms day. There are so many verses about His existence but no one about His composition except that ” God is noor us samawat wal urz” i.e. He is noor ( Light) of these skies and earth. Because you have not read Quran, if fear you will not understand the meanings of this verse.
    However, what you say about the explosion in the ball.

  16. ramesh says:

    I agree and who don’t that God exist. Can’t we end all debates by simply admitting the fact that God exist in innumerable faces and unexistent God is also one of the faces of God?

  17. josh says:

    If we were created by a super-intelligence,who created the super-intelligence? and who created the super-intelligence that created the other super-intelligence?If there is infinite universes would there not also be infinite “Gods”?

    • The question obviously becomes absurd very quickly. Theologians and philosophers know that an infinite regress of Supreme Beings is absurd. Thus theologians have always maintained that God (this “super-intelligence”) is uncaused and exists outside of and independently of space and time.

      • Aditya Kresna says:

        There is one thing I don’t understand, why God made our brain this way, this way so we keep asking who created God, can you explain that Mr. Perry?

        • Oliver says:

          I think I can answer that in a simple way, when god created man he designed us in his own likeness and also gave us free will, there for you choose to believe in him or not, he gave you the choice, the option of believing or not believing, his intention was not to make you like a robot with your mind programmed a certain way, it is created in such a way that you can learn new things and think other kind of things and formulate questions, such as the one you ask now.

  18. Alice says:

    Well I am sorry but listening and reading about this thesis was interesting till
    Hugh Ross started telling about Jesus. Jesus is a figure from the middle east at a time when there were many prophets were wandering this area. Jesus is a Jew and he never wanted to start a new religion. He wanted to change the Jewish religion at that time, full of corruption. Just as today the Christian religion is full of corruption and lies.

    If someone wants to call the universe God, fine with me but to connect that to Jesus is ridiculous. Jesus has never been a god, he was one of the many prophets and human, nothing more and nothing less.

    There are many religions in this world and many gods, most of those gods died but new ones are thought up. To connect astronomy to Jesus whom only lived 2000 years ago, is pathetic. What about the time before he exist? Or is everything based on the Torah, the old testament? There are older books in the Far East, the books of the Hindus.

    Evangelists are very irritant as they believe that they are the chosen ones. The Roman Catholic church started in 400 AD before then most people believed in the Roman gods. Under great dourest many tribes in Europe that believed in their own Germanic gods were brutally forced to become Christians by Charles Martel, if not they were decapitated. Something similar what the Islam is doing now. There are many different protestant churches, all based on Jesus, and he was not god and never was. Why are there so many different protestant churches all based on a Jew called Jesus? Surely there should be one protestant church, just like there is one catholic church.

    If you want to believe in a creator if you refuse to accept that everything is random, special the evolution, fine but don’t connect a figure Jesus to a creator.

    If you call this science then I feel sorry for you as this is not science.
    The worst thing is that you mix history with religion and science, which is against the basic law of science. And history is changeable depends on which side one looks at history.

    It is a shame to waste time and money to this nonsense instead of looking at the universe and learning, people are seeing the finger of god in a nebula cloud of dust. This is a lie, a scam and not science.

    The most brutal religions are the monotheists and that are the three from the middle east, the religions of Abraham, Judea, Christians and Muslims. The last two are the most aggressive religions as they want to spread their believes, with or without violence but always with arrogance, rightest and convince about their truth, which is not mine or others.

    You can something a god but as soon that god is connected to Jesus then you loose any credibility. Then you don’t know anything about Jesus. To steal the old testament from the Jewish religion is fine but don’t change it.
    The Christians have the new testament and that is where their religion is based on. Fine but don’t mix this with science. How unscientific is this.

    • Michael says:

      Amen !

    • Tavi says:

      Hi Alice,

      I will never understand why people love to ridicule Jesus in messages, like yours for instance or movies like Da Vinci Code (I refused to watch it…), etc. Jesus goodness 2000 years ago when the World was populated by barbarians (Germans for instance and others…) was by itself a true miracle. According to science our Sun is a 3rd generation of stars since the Big Bang and only in this 3rd generation of stars we have that multitude of elements in the Universe that combined and generated the life as we know it, at least on Earth. The monkeys DNA is 99 percent similar with ours, still that 1 percent brought us Einstein, the Beatles and yes Jesus, and the matter continue to evolve, and the DNA, and why not it will come a time when all humans will get so evolved that will walk on water at will, but than there will be others from that time who will do more things, you don’t even dare to imagine. I mean if Einstein, Hawking and others demonstrated that the Universe was created from a dimensionless dot with an infinite mass, what is your problem in not believing that Jesus did what ever is written in the Bible? A dimensionless dot (in other words Nothing) with an infinite mass means we are the projection of a hyper Universe in our 3D Space time continuum, like your shadow is your body projection on a 2D flat plane, your shadow does not have a height… We got a 2D plane embodied in our 3D space and time, so it must be more dimensions than that…at least that dimensionless dot with an infinite mass points to that.

      You know some people listen to Iliad and Odyssey one time and they recite it by heart, others wake up and remember the dream and write down the whole Theory of Relativity, and others walk on water…hey, I know one case that happened 2000 years ago, but then there are others who read a small sentence and are not capable to memorize it. What about those Christians who were eaten by lions inside the roman’s Coliseum or elsewhere because their beliefs? Hawking stopped reading the “mind of God” just a billionth of a second from the Big Bang and he understood that there is a fine line between Science and Religion and they just go hand in hand. I do respect your beliefs, I do not have any problems with that…I do not respect the caustic way you express them… and I am thinking if you were one of those Muslim leaders who tried many times to conquer Europe in the past, what would you do to those Christians who loved Jesus more than their own lives?

      What if Singularity is the biblical Heaven written in a way to be understood by those people in that society? What if everything Alfa and Omega is here, just that our 5 senses are too limited and can’t perceive more than slices of the whole on a daily base? How can you explain and make a blind understand the real World you perceive with your 5 senses? What if you add one or more senses to the ones you already heave, what New World would you perceive? The science, evolution wouldn’t be possible without religion …and you already know that. Albert Einstein believed in God, are you smarter than him? What if the German barbarians would take over the world in the past…we would be a better society?…we know what they did in 1939-1945 in Europe and other places

    • Cristiano says:

      Dear Alice,

      I would like to ask you also: What do you know about this Jesus? Did you really know him? If you believe that he existed you must believe that the records that bear witness of him in the New Testament must be true for they are the most complete description of his life and ministry. If you don’t believe that those records are true how do you believe that the man Jesus existed? Have they found their body? For what I have read Jesus was a very common name in those times, how can they know one Jesus from the other? There is no way to find unless you believe in the records that tell his story.
      If you believe in the records and you read them you will see many instances when Jesus is called the Son of God, or the Son of Man, when he states to being sent from God and to have ascent to God after His death and ressurrection. He calls himself the great “I AM”, or in other words, the great Jehovah from the Old Testament, whom the Jews of his time revered with great awe and fervor, even saying that he was “before Abraham”, he also states that he was the Lord of the sabbath and the word of God, through which instrumentality the world and the heavens were created. If you have ever read the sacred records you would find that he was not alone in bearing witness of his divine mission and Sonship, but that all the prophets since time began were witnesses unto him, as Paul expressed, preparing the people to receive him. Adam offered sacrifices in resemblance of his divine Sacrifice, and from Adam to Noah many preached repentance and faith in the Lamb, slain from before the foundation of the world, as Paul called him. In Noah’s time the world was cleansed and the gospel of Christ again established till Abraham came. He made covenant with Jehovah and saw angels and the heavens and after him many others born the same witness, from Isaac to Moses who saw the God of Lights upon the mountain and received the commandments in the midst of thunders and fire, and from Joshua to Malachi all testified of him who would come.
      You cannot say that Jesus was not God because he was truly the Son of God, and a God before descending from heaven to abide in a tabernacle of flesh. You say there are older religions or cults, but I tell you that Christ was preached from the first man to walk upon this earth, till the last shall come. How I know that? The very first man, even Adam, or Michael, the archangel, appeared to modern prophets today and brought the keys he had in his time and the authority of the gospel that was preached to him, and not only Adam, but all the prophets that lived from him down to the last and even Christ came, not in his earthly appearance, but in the midst of glory and majesty and power. That was not a long time ago and not in a very distant and unknown land.
      How do I know? There are men living upon the earth today who have spoken face to face with the resurrected Christ and that have received of his grace, and have touched the body of his flesh and who know for themselves that He lives and that He is indeed the God and Creator of all that exists. How do I know? I know for myself having received the Light of the Spirit upon me and having prayed much and pondered much and wrestled with God till he saw it fit to make it known unto me by his power and in his own way that He lives, for I do know for myself that He lives.
      No matter how much argument I bring upon you to make you think that there is no sun shinning upon you at midday you would never believe me, cause your eyes can see it and your whole body can feel the warmth of the sun; but how can you make one that is both born blind and cannot feel the warmth know that there is a sun above him? How can you explain to him how the warmth feels like or how it looks like if he has nothing to compare to? Will he believe in you, when the senses that you use to know don’t matter to such a person? No! He has to take that by faith alone! Can you prove it to him through science? No! You can use all the knowledge available to convince him but it will always be a matter of doubt in his mind for he neither can see nor feel it.
      In the same way I can tell you how it feels like and how it looks like to know God personally but you will never believe in me unless you really desire to trust you senses that you know nothing of now. I can tell you how to know what I know, but if you don’t take the steps and get to know it for yourself it will always be a matter of uncertainty in your mind.

    • Aditya Kresna says:

      Alice, I’m a moslem, I do agree with you, Jesus/Yasyu/Isaa is not god, but the truth is, Allah never taught Muhammad(Ahmed/Ahmet/Mohammed/Mohamet) S.A.W (our prophet) to spread Islam with violence.

      And if you found many Moslem spread Islam with violence, they themselve will be burn in hell, I disagree with them, Islam is an arabic language that means ‘Peace’, all Islam terrorist are bad, and they are also my enemies, our (decent moslem) enemies.

      Dr. Hugh Ross, I really believe in God, God created universe in 6 days, and the universe will end at the end of the 7th, but do not agree if Jesus is the god, please just say God is exist dont say Jesus/Isaa/Yasyu created the universe

      Thanks for the enlightment guys, keep up the good work

      • Tavi says:

        Hi Aditya,
        Jesus is the manifestation of God in our 3D Space. Alice said that to connect astronomy to Jesus whom only lived 2000 years ago, is pathetic and that Jesus has never been a God, he was one of the many prophets… Do you think that those Christians who gave up their lives in the Romans arena or elsewhere without giving up their creed and love for Jesus, would do it if they were unsure or they would perceive that everything was a lie? Let’s be serious! How come that nobody remembers the names of those many prophets from Jesus time who were crucified and we remember only Him?

        I believe that the evolution of a civilization has three steps; In the first part of its evolution the mankind did not have reasoning, the God(s) were telling people what to do, what decision to take because they were not capable of thinking, and lots of books written in that era shows that, Iliad and Odyssey for instance (the heroes would listen to the Gods what to do and they would act accordingly). Also the God(s) performed lots of miracles; it was that phase of Mankind evolution full of miracles. Jesus ended that era of miracles doing himself many miracles, and proving one more time the existence of God and the fact that we all are more than we think we are. I see Jesus as perceiving more than five senses, more than three dimensions. The phase two of the Mankind evolution starts after the Jesus era; the Mankind was let alone to learn by itself about its identity, (just remember about those Dark Ages). The phase three of the evolution would allow the Mankind consciousness to “melt” with God and “taste” its Divine power. This does not mean that God is there and we are here, I believe that the Mankind would be able to perceive more than 5 senses, more than tree dimensions, therefore would be able to go deeper in the infinite God’s Consciousness.

        I strongly believe that from our point of view, concerning the evolution of the Mankind, making the connection of Jesus who “appeared” 2000 years ago with the “astronomy” is correct. Yes, 2000 years ago it was the right time to connect Jesus with “astronomy”. I can’t blame Alice for being a non-believer, because of course we are still in the phase two, and we all measure everything with our five senses, and five senses would never open the doors to miracles, still I do believe that the phase three is “knocking” on the door. I graduated polytechnics still I am aware of the fact that dealing with the mathematical equations won’t help me go deeper in the mind of God… it is like I’d live in a bi-dimensional flat World trying to discover things that occur in our 3D space, I might fantasize about the height and I might come out with the volume’s equation, still that would be the only thing I would be able to fantasize of… and to paraphrase Alice I would not dare to imagine that the so called Mankind species are mammals just like the wale, elephant and the mouse. I also wouldn’t dare to imagine that, as Alice said, many tribes in Europe that believed in their own Germanic gods were brutally forced to become Christians by Charles Martel, if not they were decapitated…and I’d say that I also wouldn’t dare to imagine that the same Germanic barbarians did unspeakable things in Europe during he WW2 in Europe last century… I wouldn’t dare to imagine about the atheistic Soviet block collapsing, though their creed was prosperity and equality.
        I believe that more and more people allow the religion to heal their “souls” because we approach the third phase… with its open door named Singularity (or Heaven in plain English) So lets imagine “Imagine there’s Heaven, its easy if you try. No Hell bellow us, above us more than sky…”

        • yanniru says:

          Although I am not Muslim, I have to agree with Aditya that Jesus was a man and not God. Jesus himself said he was the son of man, and on the cross he asked why God had forsaken him. Yet I believe that during his three year ministry, the words that came out of his mouth were the words of God.
          Is that a paradox.? No. The answer is simple. Jesus was a channel of God.

  19. kishore mohanty says:

    Dear perry,
    how did you told that stone cannot speak ? Some of us have capacity to hear them.They have a launguage which some of us understand.

    • Simon Guerrero says:

      I despair, I really do.

      So, Perry, how do you feel knowing that some of your fans can communicate with limestone?

    • kamaljeet bhalla says:

      Yes I agree that every particle has a language, as a Physicist George Johnson has discovered in his article ” Challenging Particle Physics as Path to Truth” published in New york Times in Nov 2001 pointed out that every atom has SUB ATOMIC BUZZ .

  20. Ron Weinert says:

    Thanks, Perry. I totally disagree with your “proofs.” I came upon this site naively, believing it was more information on or about Carl Sagan. You put one over on me, and quite probably on many who “bit.”
    I have had quite enough, so will go to your other address and request to be removed from the mailing list.