Why Creationists, Intelligent Design Guys & People of Faith Get Their Skulls Crushed in Evolution Debates …And What to Do About It

If you are even a little concerned with the chance that genetic engineering could go horrifically wrong in the 21st Century – KEEP READING.

Dear fellow Truth-Seeker,

For 15 years I have watched people of faith (and even secular scientists who challenge the status quo) get stampeded, ignored and humiliated by zealots with an anti-scientific agenda.

It doesn’t have to be that way. But the head-bashing ain’t gonna stop until people learn the REAL rules of this game.

Which nobody is telling you.

Hi, my name is Perry Marshall, Author of Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design. I’ve crossed swords with some of the most notorious people in the evolution space, including atheists Jerry Coyne and PZ Myers; Intelligent Design advocate Stephen Meyer, and the Creation Research Society.

For seven years I defended my Evolution 2.0 thesis on INFIDELS.ORG, which was the world’s largest atheist website. My opponents were livid when I threw down the gauntlet and they could not solve my riddle.

Eventually they shut down their forum… and I walked away the winner.

This led to me founding the largest Origin Of Life prize in history ($5 million USD) with judges from Harvard, Oxford and MIT.

And you know what?

When the subject of “evolution” comes up, 99.5% of people of faith get dragged out of the city gates and stoned to death. That’s because Everybody is doing this the wrong way.

They are not respecting the rules of science. Especially the unwritten rules.

Ten years ago, this was merely an ideological, religious and philosophical debate.

Today it’s a matter of life and death.


Because with CRISPR technology, you can edit genes as easily as adding a picture to a blog post. You can buy a gene editing kit on Amazon for $169. With free shipping. (And tantalizing promises of designer babies and pest-resistant superfoods.)

So if we don’t get this evolution question sorted NOW, some well-intended DNA hacker is gonna accidentally create a superbug and kill 200,000 people.

(You don’t believe me? Just wait. If you knew what’s going on behind the scenes, especially in militaries of foreign governments, your blood would run cold.)

And it will be partly the fault of religious people… as well as cutting-edge research scientists who either a) didn’t know the right way to stand up for their views or b) picked the wrong battle and got run over by a Mack truck.

The world’s first gene edited babies have been born into the world! Chinese twins Nana and Lulu had their DNA edited using CRISPR gene editing technology.

Details about the experiment:
MIT Technology Review: //www.technologyreview.com/…/exclusive-chinese-scien…/
The Atlantic: //www.theatlantic.com/…/15-worrying-things-ab…/577234/

With AI, genetic engineering and the intense polarization of our culture, we are at an absolutely crucial crossroads right now. We MUST get this right. The future of earth hangs in the balance.

That’s why I’ve recorded a video called The REAL Rules of Science and the Origins Debate. You can access it right away just by registering below.

In this video, you’ll discover why holistic views of science and humanity keep getting punched in the face over and over again.

You will discover how to make that stop.

I’ll also show you an alternative approach that IS being taken seriously by key scientists at major universities and research labs. (As well as tens of thousands of ordinary people who are deeply concerned about the current state of affairs).

It’s free… and if you pay close attention, you’ll NEVER be at the mercy of ideologically possessed zealots who pretend to advocate science but in reality are just pushing their agenda.

Arm yourself to make a real difference by watching a new video I’ve recorded, called The REAL Rules of Science and the Origins Debate.
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