Random vs. Stochastic

There’s a category of control systems engineering called “Stochastic Control Systems” which is basically “How do you get the autopilot to get the airplane to Boston, even though there’s 114MPH headwind from the northeast, rainstorms and rising masses of air over Ohio.”

The models for this have been very well developed since roughly the 1930s. What it really means is “achieving goals despite high levels of noise coming into the system.”

The biology profession has butchered this term, assumed that stochastic is just a 5 dollar word for random… and then to add insult to injury, imposed this misunderstanding into evolutionary biology. Not realizing, ironically, that the cell and its Natural Genetic Engineering components are an even more sophisticated form of stochastic control system than the autopilot on an airplane.

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  1. John Estes says:

    I read your free 3 chapters and I MIGHT buy your book. But is your approach any different from what Michael Denton wrote years ago?
    I’m also troubled because, if your research has been as thorough as you claim, you should have known that at least one of your claims is totally false. Young Earth Creationism is NOT antithetical to scientific inquiry – it is simply antithetical to the assumptions made by those like you who BELIEVE in deep time. There are in fact 2 scientific journals published by YEC’s, as well as thousands of highly technical books. To claim otherwise is to admit ignorance, shallow research, and an antiscientific prejudice.

    • It goes much farther into evolutionary mechanisms than Michael Denton. Very different but I would still say compatible.

      I reject YEC because of its inability to satisfactorily account for speed of light among other things. You can search “speed of light” on this blog and find plenty.

      Based on what you’ve said, however, you will not like the book and I do not recommend that you buy it.

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